Tuesday, May 1, 2012


...during our restday last week...our supe invite our team to go and watch a movie...so we go out and watch avengers...thats our supe choice...also i was really excited cause i love that movie and really planning to do watch it...

...i enjoy the movie so far...and i love the company with my friends...that was one of the most memorable fun we had...i go home at 9pm...actually the supe decide to go the pub at I.T Park Lahug after we eat after the movie at SM... but then i beg them to let go first hahahhaha good thing is that they let me go ahead...^^ my reason for not coming is that aside i dont want to get drunk...and aside from our place is far from the city...aside from its really late...i didnt ask permission from my parents thats im gonna go out the whole day...what i told them that day was that me and my team will be going out with our supe to watch a movie but the drinking session its not part of it hahahah im such a good girl ^^ but yeah...i just cant afford to go out late and im freakin tired that whole day...i left home 9 am so its not bad to say no and go home instead at 9 pm ^^ hahha kidding aside i really do like THE AVENGERS... 

... the story itself is nice but at the earlier part its kinda boring but when its almost on the middle part i started to get thrilled specially when finally Thor my idol came out and HULK... they both gives the movie color... but all in all...quite a good movie really worth my money...planning to buy a dvd for this one to add up on my collection...im still feeling the mayhem from the movie...and i highly recommend this movie to all of you guys...^^
there are times also that Hulk brings laughter to all of us..and you will hate stark for being so harsh but again for me it was a blast...awesome!!!

...bff HULK astig...

i guess, this is all ive got for now...i will post again next week... you take good care everyone...i so miss blogging around the corner...and i miss the post you guys share...


  1. ay napanood mo na siya, good for you. ako, hindi ko makita kung magugustuhan ko talaga ang avengers.:D

    1. watch it LJ promise you'll have a blast with Hulk and Thor...^^

  2. my youngest sister and I watched it and we had a blast! the movie's awesome!

    1. Thank you for the drop by ERS... hmmm,its really an awesome one and until now i want to watch the movie over and over again walang umay...^^


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