Wednesday, August 31, 2011

first day of the -ber month of '11

September 01,2011 
OH man! i cant imagine how time really pass by so fast and unpredictably amazing! 
its the first day of the ber months...hmmm im thinking stuffs how i am looking myself in the mirror , excited  for every day that will come until it reach Christmas day, and the year ending countdown oh it really feel so good! awesome, i just dont know why im so happy when its ber months 
i dont receive gifts mostly but i gotta be some kind of a Santa my self, im the one who give gifts to my love ones...and every gifts i shared is a special one, it really suits to the person and it connects me to the person...
this thoughts came up to me when i started earning money when i was 3rd year i guess if im not mistaken, im doing this to make them happy specially im happy seeing my love ones appreciate what i have for them
when i was little... my godfather and godmother are far away from our place so i really dont have a present and that makes me envy my brother he always have stuffs from his god father & mother...i envy him, but im not jealous cause it was explained by my father to what he did is buy me things, then he acts like papa is my santa, so i wont get sad when the time strikes 12 in the midnight...
but still that doesn't take away my envy to the thoughts that they managed to remember him and i dont have...
its not the gifts but the presence of the person, but still it doesnt make me a bad girl either...i've had enough already...
i wonder what will make for my Christmas this year a one of a still thinking for a style.a cool stuff...
but its September first so i wanna greet everyone an advance MERRY CHRISTMAS! 
i can smell it...Christmas is .love .love... 

unfinished business

the best i ever had is that when i was going trough all of that trials...
im a woman with a degree of computer studies but ended up working in a tourism field...its quite a very new horizon, it isnt what i was really wanted to do and wanted at all...
but i started to like what i was doing with...but i can see the difference between what i like and what i love the most doing...i gotta like my work but i dont love it at all...i cant see my self doing this my entire now i decided to pursue my dreams, i may leave this kind of job but its one of the best thing i ever experience in my life, i was polished by this work, i know lots of stuff now, i manage to adopt to different kinds of situation because im not used at it before.
before i finished my studies im a naive lady, candid and vulnerable, nice, yet im so numb to people around me, im heartless i dont feel anything towards people...i dont know why,maybe im just like this
but im a happy person i just dont trust people directly and as other does to other people in their life...
im happy and contented to know i have good friends and family around me, i dont ask for something that is not before very candid that other take it as an advantage because im vulnerable but now im grown up, knows how to react but still i hide what i really does feel towards something...they say they know me, yet i laugh inside because they only see the poker side of me, i want a person that will make me smile even not saying something , they ask me about love? well i havent seen one yet that shines even if sorounded by handsome and pretty people...and as i was saying i really love a person that has a strong affirmation to himself...that i cannot break and that could make me realize im wrong at some point in my life but right in a way i decided it...
i've written this write ups yesterday but i ended this today...enough of this already hahahha kinda tired sobbing  but its really not like hat i had said earlier...
muaaah gonna write more from me...hope everyone likes it this time^^

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

why fades so fast

Last night is the most awful thing that happen to me this month...and i was shocked by the truth i was like struck from a lightning and blast by a thunderous boom in my head...
its so depressing , really it was to me...feels like i was given my own doze of medicine.... people may think im just exaggerating things and being to much sensitive but last night i really know im not, thanks to my mama and papa i manage not to cry...for god damn sake! i was staying cool at that time but momentarily blinded for my care to this person, but then my parents explain it to me well so i took it as cool as i can be...thanks to them i had to escape from embarrassing my self last night. 
they said its not my fault its just im concern to the wrong started when i arrived home last night i read a message from my friend she told me that she were in the house of our close friend so i hurried up to change eat just to see her, in spite of i dont really like to walk cause i get easily tired but although like that still i go to their house but when i was their she didnt even showed even if her sister called her and told her i was in the hall waiting for her cause im really excited to see her cause i treat her as my close friend or even a sister but she refused to...she didn't say it directly to me but im not deaf to not hear what she said to her sister 
"what?why is she here?tell her im sleeping already" 
that is what she instructed her sister to tell me , but i already hear everything she said, so without a word i hurriedly get up took the way to the door and just go home, im ashamed for my self because until now i could see how i still trying to win someones importance even from my so called friends but their not worth the sacrifices and all the attention at all, well it really hurts a lot to me cause i treat her as my sister but i guess thats the end of the line for us, she had her own life now and now i know she really dont give a damn to me even before i know she just suit herself to me cause she dont have a choice she only got me but not everything is different but still im happy for her i just hope our path wont cross again at this time cause if i ever see her i might not talk ti her and i dont want to do that cause i still care for her so much better not to see her again...
its nothing to me right now...i should go on putting this way like this i can still recognize her but i dont know her enough now...on the other side of the story i wont feel any thing that will burdens me cause deep down i know i diddnt do anything to her and i know even if my so called friends changes colors towards me still im happy cause i know we dont have the same feathers and 'ive been good at them thats more important than anything else, i didn't do anything to hurt them ,thankful on the other ends cause for once in a blue moon i've known them for so long and i treat them nice i will just keep up that way on that still i've had a memento from them...
i have learn my lesson to what happen last night - Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

Friday, August 26, 2011

whatever it takes

i know im happy with myself...
the thing right now is last night as i was lying in my bed, i notice something around me, 
its very cold, so lonely, so gloomy, so dark, pain is their, very aloof i fell inside of me, dump feeling, sorrow is stinging, its just too morbid and hurtful

then it goes into my mind its really neither of the either wont work out...cause i myself dont want to...its not that i cant accept the fact but its that i chose to walk this way...well sometimes i feel alone but it doesn't mean   i regret the thing ive chosen.
then my brother tell me, you know what dont be too comlicated to yourself, just breath for a while and calm stay cool as you are, youre not like them or the others but they can never be just like you
maybe thats right, maybe im just thinking too much. 
i dont ask for things i dont have i just want a happy life and people i love's attention ...maybe thats it, cause i feel alone if no one remembers to ask if im ok, thanks to my father and mama they take my stress away they stay with me just to see me smile if they think im so pissed off 

maybe i'll get through with this... 
for now i will just lighten up some load to clear up my mind...see ya tonight my baby blog...
i will promise to post something interesting tomorrow...thats all for now i know its like a crap to others  but for me this is my refuge...this is the only thing that wont ask me questions thats so freakin damn annoying 
here no one will ask me stuffs that are so nonsense that make them so pathetic 
and here i can say things that i dont usually utter 
thanks to my solitary... i'll do whatever it takes ...^^

Thursday, August 25, 2011

chasing dreams

i haven't write anything yet for this past few days, im busy on the other hand im into something 
something too much important to attend to and to focus to, all i can detailed for now is that i feel sorry for some things ive seen in real life problems maybe its not directly my problem but it cant be hold back from me, i can really feel the pain of my friend.
i feel bad foe them cause they obviously put everything all in just to achieve what they want but ended up betrayed by the person whom they trust to.
aside from that i feel so sad to myself, i really mis my friends, i mis working with them... i want to work with them but this problem right now in my way maybe it will hold me back for a little while but i promise next year im gonna be with them, i have my parents blessing already all i wait is next year hopefully at that time im prepared and more fit already with all the aspects i should know in life and be well equipped to things i should have known and should handle 
for now im gonna cut this thing off and be more clear tomorrow...bye baby blog gonna go now,im off to work bye...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

divulge the feminine side

both fem...
i love this two cause its reflects the feminine side of the roses 
im happy at last i already synchronize my accounts cant have a hustle in opening both...or the myspace and so high even if still im testing if it would last...
im looking forward to write more stuff that is valuable hahah i know i haven't post something more interesting this past few days but i'll promise i'll  work on that tonight...i'll think for a much better topic to divulge here i just love the ambiance now...even if tis rainging outside...phew...coldie aftenoon...

Sunday, August 21, 2011

personality distorted

If this could have been an art to a person maybe that man knows to divulge a lil'bit from me...i really love to make something not so common about blogging i can say this is really my refuge my haven... 
this smokey rose simply symbolizes how i differ from what people used to think about me, i know they say im good but i also know other took my personality as strong as they cant take it anymore,something just like that! of course we cant please everybody and pleasing someone isn't my cup of tea anyways...
and the struggles i've been trough all the rough roads from the past that leads me where i am now and molds my strong personality  now, all of that makes me the person who i am today...
set all that aside, here is my piece the one above and this distorted rose hahah i love the effects

distorted Smokey Rose 
i didnt know i will make something like this that will be relevant to  my just keep popping u know...^^

Saturday, August 20, 2011

passion that runs in my vain blood

i am looking forward to an awesome weekend...i love saturdays and sundays 
while waiting for the time to strike 6 pm i make an art wanna share my thoughts and craft in my blog so i hope my friends and readers also find this nice...
my masterpiece for the day... VAIN ...
this is what i love doing 
stuffs related to my personality i want to see my new look next week ,i love to think that im gonna say goodbye to my hair its really pissing me off cause i cant breath i really wanted to cut this even before but no time so next week im gonna cut this off...phew!what a relief...
back to my masterpiece i call this "VAIN" i remember how vain i am when it comes to my hands and to food...
and im happy doing this one cause i remember now one of my favorite songs just this very moment this is the reason im sad the other day cant think clearly cause i forgot the title now i know it already cause as i was giving my masterpiece name the title of the song came popping up out in my fickle mind this is the song :
So you sailed away
Into a grey sky morning
Now I'm here to stay
Love can be so boring

Nothing's quite the same now
I just say your name now 

But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
You don't want me back
You're just the best I ever had 

super love this song but this is not my favorite just happen that this song reminds me of Prince...Aries...Jasmine Caresse-JC...Vincent...Ivan...& all of my bestfriends i really miss our IT Masters group i wanna go after them, even if it took that a while for me to decide...i love doing our work...i envy them not because of their achievements but because they've got to do what they really wanna do and the reason why we took BSIT...i really miss them...
...wanna sleep and go home already ...Saturday's are the best days of the week for me cause thats the only day of the week that i can stay all night till dusk just to watch by Sunday morning i wake up very late hahahha thats all for kinda busy love love God always...

Cherie Ann Lines ^^   

Friday, August 19, 2011

loving the scallops

This is taken during mama Flor's birthday, my auntie and with us her daughters and her granddaughter ICEY. 
Speaking of which, we all had fun during that night even though after how many minutes eating in the grill its raining heavy outside, thank God after that gush of wind and heavy pouring rain it stop when we decide to go home, i think its almost 10 pm but we really have fun. 
i love the food their my eyes are saying oh my!dont tempt my tummy hahaha i really love their season drinks and their scallops remember the picture i've posted last time its the other flavored one hmmmmm yummy i cant stop saying its super yummy  their food is so good!  wanna share the moment with the food i dont care anymore about how i look so drained in front of the camera i just want to eat hahahaha how lavish i was that night i forgot about the carbs anymore i just eat eat eat but most of all the important thing is that i did see on mama Poy's eyes the happiness i seldom see on her, i wish to God that she would have even more strength to live more and may she have good health she has everything,goos work family successful children  all i really ask for her is good health  and Gods guidance...enjoy the pictures...

taken during Flor's birthday w/ her apo & daughter Cherly

mama Poy w/ the shirt given from the grill because they
know its her bday,they gave her a souvenir 
waiting for the food hahhaha shes the celebrant 

i look like a monster here hahhaha never mind anyways 
see the drinks super good!

the scallops the squid i think the pasta the turkey
 and the grilled fish
with the season drinks

the evidence ive eaten too much that night
nice platter also
at this one i ask ate JANICE to take a picture at my plate i just love the scallops n it and the platter arrangement if you could just imagine my face that night cant imagine anyways but i can still taste what scallops taste

its Ate Cherly with mapoy , shes an engr. n shes calling her husband
that very moment shes so cool shes my idol shes so smart 

this is Icey daughter of ate Janice

ate Janice with her husband Marian and Icey

so i decided to cut my hair now cause i find myself look like a monster
i dont like my aura now 

on our way to go home

stroll in the grill with Icey i really find her cute
we both love disney and mr.bean how was that eh! 


love love love
ate janice Icey and mam Poy
super love the ambiance that night i hope to spend time there with my own family i want to bring my mother their mama ask that from me,maybe on her bday this oct. who knows i just hope i wont change my mind hahahha im really a ficle minded person...u cant plot something on me without digging more out and squezzing more ...bottttooommmlineeee -> LOVE IT! i miss my scallops
all pictures are taken last July 26 AA Grill...


I really dont know why is it im so empty headed right now,just this morning a lot are popping out in my head,maybe because im so busy today lot of paper works. 
on the brighter side as i am writing right now my mind is cleared a little bit but hey! my hand are writing but i dont know what to write exactly at this very moment...kinda sound creepy and weird im so stress today. 
oh,how i wish to relax for a whole day, sleep the whole day yaiks! super love sleeping... 
their is only one that can take away my boredom every time like now, im super away and aloof i feel so lazy wanna go home finish this tons of paper works,it makes me sick oh my...
well i wanna share my craft something i really enjoy doing aside from watching movies taking pictures eating sleeping music drown and being savvy to things like this ahm,i really enjoy editing, i wanted  to somehow practice web designing so i can use my course branch on some ways just like this simple but i made it so i love it if it appears disgusting to your own eyes hahahha my master piece 
OH MY! ERROR! as im uploading this one picture is deleted from my file so im gonna make another one so stressing! urrrrggggg!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

my refuge!

Someone says its not true if you say "im single because its my choice because its difficult to control everything  but for me its not like that, why can I do it? why can TRU LOVE WAITS members can do it? why do priest and nuns can do it?  simply because its our choice and contented "
On the other hand for me its not just a choice its my covenant to myself, i love someone already before but it did not end up into relationship because i choice too, and i stick to my intuition and instinct, base on that its not that difficult not hurting the one i love and not get hurt on the other hand. it more on being happy than hurting someones feeling. its really amazing to not test someones feeling and someones boundary
i dont have any doubt of my happiness cause God has been good to me all through my life, even though sometimes i feel out of place if i see couples. its natural to feel like that but im not ENVIOUS so thats make the difference from feeling out of place yet happy and not envious than envy people i dont know.
If i had my time i just stare at my mothers face it makes me feel relieve at a certain point in my life cause she reminds me how i pursue my self affirmation its not that easy cause their are a lot of allurement throughout our lives, but it will make varied for something and someones life if we choose TO or NOT TO.
People sometimes misapprehend my way of dealing with others how i am so harsh on other things and how im being understood.
Wanna share this pictures i had this at the first quarter of this year catching up with my friends and if i feel bored or sad i just go out and eat stuffs specially this love of mine see for yourself the stuff i love to eat: thanks to RAL C., i love eating with you girl! Aris & Vicente please envy the food hahahah my Frappe dude please send it to me miss you guys envy my food ok!and dont drool please!control yourself hahah just kidding man!enjoy!
*this pictures are taken from our favorite resto in cebu city specially ayala and grill houses 

Broccoli and Sun-dried Tomato Pasta with Basil from Cafe George (Cebu)

Cheese & Garlic Quesedillas from Moon Cafe (Cebu
he famous Warm Brownie Cup from La Marea in Cebu!

Add caption

My favorites from Cupcakes by Sonja- Vanilla and Red Velvet!

Lumpiang Hubad from C2 Philippines

Vegetarian Pizza from Roma Mia (Ayala Center Cebu)

Verdure salad from Cibo

Forgot the name of this one but it's got to be the best warm brownie + caramel + vanilla ice cream + choc syrup combination EVER!!! Only in Cyma!

I hope ive given you enough from my secrets i love food so much and thats my weakness yummy food and ice creams and thats my refuge if i feel sad and feeling my blues...chioooossss gotta goes....bye baby blog gotta go back to work...

Monday, August 15, 2011

makes me happy

woaah!its been a while since i updated my blog,i cant even think for a better topic here. its like current mode: bored. im feeling aloof for quite sometime in my life, fake laugh, starving soul pigmented scar oh my i cant clear up my thoughts for the who;e week thinking lots of stuff...
i love cake and chocolates when im depressed cause it boost my mood to positive and feel much better than being bitter i love this cake see it? oh my you should have eaten just like this it will make you utter the words "heaven on earth man!" 
the only food i crave when i sat on the table during the day 
so now i can manage to post nice of my pictures, see the cake it taste yummy as in SUPERB! I  really love cakes i can even eat a bunch of it oh calories,as if self conscious haha pardon me my dear friends but its really under my skin that you cant sip and divulge out unto my skin, it makes my day! 
 want to have that camera soon to capture my intimate moments in my so called life adventure.
I was bump unto this thing last week and i was given some add on to my self affirmation 
"two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference"
it gives me like Oh yeah!so true to myself, that i stand my own choice and defy self conformity although sometime i kinda go confused but still i manage to conquer fears and learn from my mistake and i stick to what i called my own self belief to something.
its like saying we are all made different so we ldont live and think the same, but still we do our choice if we can do that or we wont, shall we make that or just leave it like that, nothing less nothing more to a thing. 
its like married people say to me or friends that have family already stelling me 
:"hey why dont you have a boyfriend yet? why are you still single and still stick to your plain self?be like us!
i was thinking pathetic lately that i need to get my head ache first to look and analyze whats going on around myself,and i found my face having a zit and i kinda freak out a lil'bit and my eyes are tired and so stressed my eyes are kinda blurry, my wardrobe are messy my routine was not done everything are messed up, but  when i figured all about it ,the problem solution, all of it fades away , through Gods will. maybe i forget something sometimes but i barely dont forget is this that makes me happy all the while, the one who makes my day, helps me throughout the day  and cant be taken away from me, whenever i go whatever my mood in life is, its my very special thingy ------> FOOD ...of course what were you thinking by the way? 
i super love coffee! to add everything up! YUMMY!
im gonna get going for now still in my working hour baby blog i love you and i miss my bestfriends to name a few 
VINCENT JAMES LAO well they are pure bloodied cousins respectively
JASMINE CARRESSE JC  ABOITIZ yah shes an aboitiz but their family is on banking not hte shipping
Light LE GUEVARRA - super foreigner but friendly even though his reckless 
IVAN  D. - to the highest level of confidence because his handsome naman
RUBEN  PARAGADOS- one of the most cool friend of mine super lampa hahah ruben padilla of the group
NOEH  C.- make me stopped breathing cause i might eat something like freaking  dirty pizza ewwww dude
SHEN  C.- wow!my android super smart his working in a big company right now tossed man!
MIKE  D.- his working in a technology business in IT park 
WILLIAM  FERRER - his working in manila in a call center business in QC
MARK  NAVALES his the musician in the IT masters
BEBIANO  M. his working now in CEBU Custom nice!
DARRAH PARAGADOS  - working in Gaisano chain of companies hses and IT Proff

Super miss you all guys! dont worry i will follow your fire...just keep commenting on my blog thank you! and for the message u all sent last night appreciate all of it love ya dude! i know were all freak on our own unique way! so happy you all man up now!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Good morning pizza!

morning baby blog...wanna say sorry for this past few weeks i haven't been posted something more interesting and more stuff in my blog. Last night as i was drafting drafting drafting and drafting i was watching this show of Willie Revillame  WIL TIME BIG TIME thats the show fella, and one of the sitcom is this portion where contestant tries to win a 1M cash prize a house and lot and a car, last night the contestants were the OLDIES who were still currently part of a dance club,some of them are part of the senior citizen dance club and the others thye really dance on their own, imagine their ages range from 60-75 oh my!one of them is Mang Tonyo i think if im not mistaken with the name haha the oldie man still got the groove holla! how about that! so funny with the lola and him dancing on the floor cause the audience wants to have showdown so they dance tango,boogie,and modern, cant imagine ma'self doing that. im a bad dancer.
There is something in my bogged mind thats been popping hhahaha so i get my phone, and write something "TORN BETWEEN PASSION & DREAM & WORK" i hope i remember it right, and send it to all the people who are in my phone book...and then in a while ive   had all this reply from my cousins and a friend, to quote COUSINS haha ya right, the only name of people thats been stored in my phone book is of my cousins and a few friends i rarely communicate to people i dont know, my brother always mention that im a monster why?because i dont have any friends in my phone cause im not friendly when i text i always make an argument to people and his totally damn right, i dont know why im like that haha
i just did that to know if the people i trust really knows the deepest part of me but then i guess they really dont know base on the replies ive had lst night no one seems to see and dig in the question, i just did that to see whose who.
wel, i know im happy to everything i have now and every decision ive made. they just dont know how happy i am, they just see the illusion a person could reflect,people really dont want complicated matters they want simple and what you see what you get they dont want to analyze something and the psychological deepness of a person. or as simple as im just too complicated hahhaah ma'self! they were all funny they think im not ok casue for them what comes out in my mouth were literally what i mean,they just  dont know how i think, or they were tired understanding my blues, maybe thats the reason or maybe the matter and manner how i deal with people that they used to misunderstand what i really mean and wanted and express oh man!its just too COMPLICATED...
my eyes are popping craving for the pizza baby!
this taste good and for me this is the best pair for a soda!
i can still taste the mushy mushroom and the onions smells good!
i just hope and im looking forward to save my money so i can have a new camera so i can have shots like this again,i miss taking beautiful pictures around my escapade...muaaah i love you baby blog...
                                                                                                                  Cherie Ann Lines

good taste and spice

"Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted."
-Albert Einstein 

Do you understand this sentence? if you do your wise enough but if you dont its like hanging yourself in dumbness and stupidity. I like this phrase cause there are some instances in my life that i can apply this. really true that what matter most are best seen afterwards if we dont execute things right. Actually there is no need for us to make perfect, but instead we need to do something so we can almost be perfect. not using the word "AT LEAST" for me this word is something we use to cover-up our mistakes, our shortcomings, and our  failures.
I cant think of an appropriate word to use to explain my self at this very moment there are lots of things popping out in my head right now, i can see chaos i really dont understand i cant think clearly. im so drained but still i gotta get going, i still have a long day and i will just smile to make myself better.
Now i feel better, maybe i can finish this post while listening to music now,i still have a very long papers to encode and i think im almost down i cant help my eyes hahahha really boring here in the office right now.
Or its just i feel there is something i dont understand...why do people need to lie? one thing i really hate about a person is lying i really hate liars! but its their nature we cant do anything about it anyways hahah its not problem, oh my! im going nowhere already, im writing nonsense haha gotta go baby blog love ya...
current mood : Sipping coffee and writing stuffs in my kinda sound crazy a lil'bit rigth now                                                                                                     
And ive been freakin out searching for the right coffee till i got this one hahaha you know my thing and coffee is not everybody s cup of tea. woshy golly  Its really nice that for once in a while we need to drink a cup of coffee to boost your energy
the scallops really taste good i could still taste it in my throat
i remember eating this last July 26,2011
i still have loads of pictures from that day to upload from
this is the only one i have for now
superb yummy!hpye!
i can still flashback the food see the scallops? ive had loads of it i think i ate 3 pcs i think and there season cocktail oh man!overload and im bursting with the taste. cant wait to upload my pictures so u can see how much did i ate hahhaha burrpppp well excuse me ^^
                                                                                               Cherie Ann Lines ^^

Thursday, August 11, 2011

nice morning

Smile to keep a long day not so boring. i remember i smile this morning, so hopefully i gotta do this the whole day today.
What i realized about my work here in the office is that i can control my temper, its very fulfilling because im the kind of person that easily get mad angry very hot tempered, i cant control well my emotions reactions and i really divulge what i feel easily but when i started working here totally changes i encounter. why and how? its because i got to deal and talk to every other kind of people everyday, and
nice to be free and to be yourself 
damn a person really have bad and ugly side, but still no matter how lame the person was, i should stay CHILL & COOL to get going with my work, if some people really gets into my skin wow man! i just take a deep breath and then turn to the person and then talk nicely even if my tempers gonna burst out,see im so proud to myself because never in my dreams i think i can control my temper but im so happy about this little changes cause i gotta see and meet different kinds of personality. and for me its an achievement  cause i gotta used to this and it molds a better me...muaaaah morning baby blog gotta go and finish my work    

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

torn between passion and decision and love

This is what im talking about! hurting someone important to you. oh my golly wow! so crap last night, my friend ask me if we can have a relationship, oh man! i cant really explain everything to him. Hurting someone makes me stay away in a relationship, i dont want to hurt someone and i dont want anyone who will hurt me,not at all. they say you will not know what love is if you will not experience nice and worst things in life, so that is my point! i dont see myself having some relationship right now,for me it is way too far and way too soon, his my friend and i dont want to disappoint him in the future, its not that i dont like him, i just dont want to. maybe he has taken me the wrong way,he may misunderstood all the stuffs i act. his important to me and hope he understand but things are done already and said, i cant bring back last night but if it will happen again i will say no again there is no way i will broke what i've said. he hurt me once i dont want to get hurt by him again cause his special to me, i just want to leave it like that,guys will be always guys... i want to preserve what we have right now, but he took it on the wrong way, he misunderstood what i say.
Why cant i take him? maybe because from way back then he never waited for me,i ask him to give me time but sad to say his on his way catching waves and so i know, that makes me hold back from him, like i said from the past if someone hurts me, i wont let that person hurt me again. and as i look back he has lots of girls my gosh! it drives my head off the ground thinking all of that stuff. and besides i have my head full of loads and tons of personal problems, i dont want to have more complicated matters .
Maybe his right im afraid to love but it is my choice and this is what i love the most, chasing my dreams while still young thats my prerogative in life, maybe maybe maybe...thats been said and done. i dont have any intentions to hurt him, and make him mad at me, but see what is the outcome? he never give a damn i just pissed hm off. thats the end of the line. i dont feel awful, it doesn't mean im so heartless but im just telling him the truth it will be more awful if i give him false expectations. but his my friend a close friend indeed i dont want to loose him, i hope he understand me.
you know,people have different outlook in life, im weird, i have a broad understanding about how will live my life, i just hope people who loves me understand the nature of what i really want to. if someone loves me purely that person can wait at the right time. but for now i dont think i have the guts to go into situations like that. maybe if someone proves to me he has his strong affirmation, lets just see how it goes but for now i will be working back hahhaha cheer up Cherie baby life is good!
love for someone has its own mystery 
                                                                                                                         cherie ann lines

chitchat with my friend Bobby

Actually there is nothing too  much interesting  to know about me, im just a simple woman who wants nothing but to travel around the globe. my dream may sound pathetic to some people but for me its very important and precious. maybe this dream of mine is one of the reason why i want to be single for now, because im afraid i cant and i may bot see the world if i get into relationship. for me when someone gets into relationship, everything around you changes, you need to do your part in the relationship, that is why i cant be involve   at any cause i can hurt someone for the reason i cant handle the situation, why i cant? cause im not ready to go into realtionship and i dont know how, if i know maybe less than other normal people know how. i dont want to cause i know i will hurt the person if ever i do get into it. but it really dont matter to me at this time in my life, it never crosses in my mind seeing myself with someone else i dont know how i manage like this and why i feel nothing about loving. until yesterday, a friend of mind his name is BOBBY explains to me :

BOBBY: it is because you already set your mind to more important things that you think it is in your life, you have lots of things you wanna do and prove and you look beyond today
CHERIE : am i that heartless?
BOBBY : no your sweet but as i had say, the love you had in your heart is not like others, you have a broad understanding about love that is why your not in a hurry when it comes to relationship
CHERIE : why do others,they cant stay single?why me im happy to be like this?
 BOBBY : because,you have dreams ahead of you,you have your goal in life in your head, you aim something for your self, your family and for your future
CHERIE : so you think im normal?
BOBBY : hahah yes of course that is so normal!

i will get there no matter how long i wait just wait - Cherie
that is just some of the conversation that i remember, Bobby is a 40 year old man, we work in the same company and his a gay, a God fearing man, i look up to him when it comes to words of wisdom, sometimes i hardly understand his term i hardly understand Visayan dialect, so he laughs because i look so dumb hahah his like my uncle i just like to talk to him ask some stuff that are not necessary well that is how boring i am.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

my covenant

nice to held my hand to yours 
thanks im not so busy right now, i gotta chance to visit my blog, their are things in my life now that i think makes me happy despite the fact i have my own self issues, but yesterday i was CHOKE by my own self drama, because for once i remember my covenant that i forgotten for a longer period of time. when i saw it, i was like "Oh my!i really forgot!what happen?" it feels like i got a taste of my own medicine, and it seems like a bolt of lightning that hits me and struck me shivering, look around and snap my forehead 'man!why did i forgot about it?!'
so maybe its the reason why i was so empty...because i forgot something very important in my life, my covenant to GOD and to myself, i forgot that i was one of the TRU LOVE WAITS people, ive forgot all about it, how did i forgot about it?! then i was given the realization ITS YOUR TEST but then i've pass the quest...and it feels so relaxing i am so cool about it now, for sake! i know myself now and remember everything now, seems ive been through amnesia. theirs more to my life than the bad things,i forgot a lot of things that brought me here.
my friend ask me if i can take him,maybe he took it the wrong way when i said NO THATS IMPOSSIBLE... for me his important, i know his worth in my life, his been very good to me, i cant trade that to a shirt period of time together and broke that connection after if were not cool with each other anymore,nah i cant say YES to that, i'd rather have him as my friend this time than loose him as my close friend, at least in him i found a real friend, his not perfect but at least he tries to understand me, even if sometimes he really pissed me  off,. he thinks because im jealous 'cause she got a girlfriend now,heck i dont! im just hateful cause he never tells me, but in the end i will tell my self Hey!why would he tell you,hahah im do over reacting to something because i dont see my friends when i started working but honestly i dont imagine myself turning my back at my friends, they are all i've got.
But i know i haven't seen someone yet that makes me contradict to my instinct, i simply put in my mind that a guy who loves a woman are man enough to wait for her if not then the man is not worth everything the woman had. its like hey i wanna save my last dance with you but for me its like im saving my first and my last dance with you. see the difference? im tough because at the end of the day only yourself can understand you. if i say something i will do my best not to broke that, strong words comes out in my mouth when it comes to certain issues but thats my prerogative it can never be taken away from me.
Ive already admire someone called Prince i say i love him but that is a different meaning of love, you know i have a wild and broad mind set i dont know why, i take different side and look unto different dimensions that is why i have different reactions into different aspects...
I just hope i wont forget the covenant again so i wont feel empty and i will continue to look forward to good horizons...
                                                                                                     cherie ann lines ...

one of my fallback when im lonely...

Good morning! wow! its really nice to start the day with a smile... i wanna share some pictures from my album just check it out ok... i use some Photoshop with it see the results...
this is the map behind my pictures 

this is with Wang and i look for a girl but its not like me 

nice pair of snickers huh hahah

final retouched see the result?

i really like photo editing...i have more and thanks to lelove i really like her blog i gotta see the flip side of reality to people all around the world...

Monday, August 8, 2011

how do i see like and love

First thing in mind is "i see it as a way to make people happy for a while and hurt them forever" its a heck thought  of mine,but thats is how i see it...people change just like how the color fades,how waves crash to the seashore and washes all away the footprints on the sand, how the weather changes so unpredictably, how the day turns to night, how people dress on style and how we think about the logic of simply that ironic to  me. Maybe because i was never love by the person im feeling for, but before someone jumps into and conclude the sentence does they know whats the reason i say that and feel that way? no they dont because people dont like to dig in complicated matters people loves SIMPLE and jumps into it not knowing whats the logic beyond what i say on the first place, they dont even understand what i've said because they dont listen. see the difference between the  REAL and the GOSSIP. it is like THIS WAY OR THE OTHER WAY...its your choice on how we deal into the road blocks of life.
this way or the other way around

Saturday, August 6, 2011


i was writing all this stuff in my blog, and as i was strolling around my page i stumble upon to some write ups i've madehahhaha kinda funny sometimes and others are i think boring to read.
i dont understand the picture at t he left it keep on moving hahhah im so weird. well thats how i described myself "WEIRD" like it? nah ah. its creepy but it suits just as me.
lot of things popping into my head like how do i spent my life in the next 40 years.hahhah kidding!
im eating cupcake right now wanna have some? eh no way.  by the way im ok with my so called ex-bestfriend now,but his not my best-friend anymore things between me and him aren't gonna be the same again. things been said and i've move on from that feeling towards the friendship i just left it behind. as i said from the past if the person hurts us once that will be for continuously  existing for the rest of your lives so when i get hurt i wont stick to that again, i will move on left it behind with no hard feelings because it will just cause us depression. the important thing for me and the most helpful way is to lift up your life to God ask his guidance and lift up your life, dont let yourself stuck to nonsense things. maybe they are right that i was never in a relationship but they just dont know i really do fall in love twice i guess . kinda funny huh,maybe its not normal to others to someone like me dont fall deeply in love. im containing myself to much. maybe at sometimes i say that maybe im regretting things sometimes but i really dont regret anything that i've decided. done. said. does. maybe the wrong thing, i should feel awful and regretful but to my right decisions wow as i look around im so proud and level headed when i walk because i didnt do anything to ruined someones life im contented happy fulfilled thankful. and so much blessed to what i have even if its not that broad right now i know someday i can explore what i really want. i just pray that God will continue to give guidance and enlighten my mind. wont let me drown by the worlds sham. and that he will continue to look after me. i know im hard to understand but still im waiting for something beautiful to happen in my life,hopefully by Gods will. ive seen and talked to the person that i was asking to him but were too good to be true his taken by someone else but still i really love the person. its not so me if i say im in love because that word only comes out in my mouth if its true but yeah, im not so deeply in love with him but im in love with him right now, because he gives my confidence back to me he never judge the bad side of me instead he tells me directly. and his good and he just man up himself. it will be forever a secret if who this guy is unless a bolt strikes the universe and i will meet him first hhhahah but still i feel OK because at least i know their are still people like him just like  i wanted because the truth is i really do think no one really exist. im gonna see him again soon, i just wish i wont stumble upon my feet the next time we talk. really looking forward to it. im done gotta go back to work again muaaaaah love my blog your my best-friend now at least you cant complain hahhaha 
waiting for someone to fit in just exactly
ive seen someone deserving to hold my hand but sad to say too late but still a very good sign hopefully the next someone will be empty handed so he wont drop my hand too soon to hold the other handful hand . sad? nah ah! not very much happy with my life at least i know how to be in love eh. i dont go crazy when it somes to love im just cool about it. not in a hurry                                                    
                                                                                                                    CHERIE ANN LINES ^^

Friday, August 5, 2011

my Prince

HAPPY ...what an awesome feeling,for the past few months and decades im so aloof an feels lost unto something, disappointed on some areas in life aspects expectations frustrations regrets awful terrified feared alone boredom all the misfortunes i never thought it was...when all that strikes me yesterday it was all worth it... why i said so? simply because someone finally knows my worth, and believes in me more than i do, knows what i deserve than i know, sees the possibilities in my action, thats just some of it, i cant elaborate more from it, im so relieve knowing the person stood up to me yesterday really the person i look up to, those words that comes up to him is really touching in a way he didn't notice he gives my self confidence back that no one ever did before.
I cant imagine the whole day i was staring at him the whole time his been doing this does that oh my gosh! i dont even realize its already dusk that i need to get off from my seat and leave the office to go home. his so OH MY to me hahah kinda weird i know the person and me is too far from reality and too good to be true but no one can take my appreciation to him his my PRINCE he knows everything about computer that makes him so handsome hahah his so ASTIG! & so COOL and a person full of about that eh! hahah cant stop admiring him, now i cant wonder why im still single because im so fond at him, the man means everything to me. HE taught me well, i understand more from him, every time he speaks all words means something and will learn from it. Even if i know his too far to reach a hand were friends anyways and thats all that matters. 
Sometimes i do wish my system would bug down so he would come and gives rescue so i can watch him doing stuffs he used to. hahha how selfish of me but kidding aside this man really boost my confidence he inspires me so much that i wanna be like him a man full of determination on his veins and we jive fast no need to boggles everything so much straight to the point no boring moments with him at all cant stop saying IF WE ONLY MEET ME FIRST hahah so much of me! gosh im so dumb-headed i have my tongue tied  whenever he talks i goes like uhm, ah... ok...what? oh no, oh!sorry.. nad stumbles he really knocks me unto my feet but its still finds to him, he never laugh at that instead he tells me the truth and that makes him so lovable hahhah how lame i am right now talking stuffs i dont used to do but it makes me feel light when i write things well and express my self correctly and last thing he gives me a thumbs up for doing my thing OH MY GOSH! i ddint notice i was blushing yesterday hahhah gotta zip my mouth already
lastly, im looking forward to have some chitchat a lil'bit next time to him, talk more and listen more from his interesting speeches, shares truth about life and most importantly we have the same goal and aim in life that sparks the connection im super EXCITED and ecstatic to see him again YEPEY!
                                                                                                                   cherie ann lines ^^
wanna hold your hand just like this till the end

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


My fingers are click click click...erase erase erase...then click click click...until i am writing this sentence...dont know where it will lead but i know there is something missing in my life,now i can say it than before i was confused,taking the blame,just the typical me feeling my blues in life...and then till i found out the worst realization that slapped into my face...oh yeah very worst and very sad...people dont have the problem its me...i do have the problem within me,i realize this before but the deepest part of that realization i didnt know now i do.
Its kinda sad to think that the person i was hating is none other than myself...i hate the me cause im so mean to people,i ignore their feelings towards me and i ignore those people who treats me well,cause i was blinded and i just dont want to,now that i feel theirs no onw left for me when i need someone to  talk to its because i pushed them away from me,,i dont know if i can have their forgiveness again,i know i didnt do anything to harm those people but i know the damn pain ive caused to them when i ignore them. 
All i need is understanding but i realize i was more damn foolish to ignore them and even me i didnt understand them on the other way.

Im taking my own medicine for that,well its kinda heart breaking but i need to face this i cant turn back time,i dont regret anything i am just feeling sorry for my self selfishness hahahah so sad 

                                                                                                                    CHERIE ANN LINES