Tuesday, September 18, 2012


have you been in your life where your peacefully sleeping then youve woke up ended up crying then curled up on your knees cause you dont know whats the real reason?

its my RD today...we will be having our realignment next week... * sigh :( i will really miss my girlfriends we really dont know our new schedules...we'll be advice on thursday... mostly,they wanted to be on the morning shift but really i dont know if i choose morning or on the graveyard shift cause i was used to stay up at night on the flip side its kinda better to be in the morning...its not that hazardous...

well,anyways my post is for my girlfriends...or shall i say there part of the people that i wanna say THANK YOU ♥ i know im moody but then these people accepts all the flaws in me... i will describe them for you... lets start with...

▬ CATH... shes like a sister to me,shes younger than me,i like her personality shes just cool as me,we go home together...shes sweet,she already have a BF...sometimes we talk about her bf,haha shes really conscious on her figure,cause she thought shes chubby,and believe me shes not...she do well on taking calls...and who could forget this pretty lady..she just LAUGH OUT and such A SLEEPY HEAD :) i will miss our bonding,we both love foods...

▬ HEIDZ...shes my buddy,i always say I LOVE YOU to her...we go out during payday,its our date and we roam arround groceries and will always do pig out date...shes smart,her sense of humor is so strong...you cant just bring her down...shes the person that ive known who just never mind people around her,when im with her,i cant just say no to food,we really both praise food...shes caring...and from all of my teammates shes the only one who befriended quite a lot of senior agents haha cause shes so perky...shes just full of AWESOMENESS ♥

▬ CHATEE..shes a RN,she works before on CEBU's finest hospital,however she feels tired and wanna venture the call center industry now shes waiting for the head nurse to conduct a one on one interview cause she already decided to go back on hospital woks,shes really pretty inside and out...you cant just throw sentence to her haha shes just like Heidz they both smart,shes kind hearted...sweet and a happy person...i wanna say thank you to her shes been very patient to me haha she corrects me whenever she see flaws in me...in a way thats acceptable...im gonna miss this woman...and i am really heads up to how she handles her life...shes vain when it comes to her face...we both love to eat haha i always say 'you know what if you always eat together with me you cant say im on a diet'...

 ▬ HONEY this is the girl whom you will learn a lot...shes so demure shes also an RN like Chatee and Hediz, shes not working in the call center anymore...weve been close cause shes from BAcolod and shes sweet and so kind hearted i cant bad things about her,i feel sorry for her when we parted ways
she still communicates with us...she always remind me to take care of my health...shes like my big sister cause she always make sure im ok...i could still remember the first time we have our team building getaway...shes one of the first close friend ive ever had on the team,then i said no i dont wanna go cause originally shes really going with us...but then against all odds she go with us for me to go also...thats how she is as a friend,im kinda guilty cause i seldom text and reply on her message,specially when im tired from work...i just miss her a lot ♥

▬ Engr.MARJORIE...she just pass the board exam from the last REE licensure exam...i call her GUARDIAN ANGEL,when shes still in the call center world,we always sit beside each other,then shes so smart...like a geek?hahahahha i knw im weird but shes a geek on her own awesome way...she stop working last july to focus on her review...what i love on her is her drive to reach and achieve her goals...at first im very selfish im not letting her quit from work,then the day after i let her quit cause i believe that shes gonna make it...and it will worth giving up the work...see?shes an achiever,before she goes back to Davao...we had a date for 30min.z haha and thats crazy!
shes really good and sweet shes one of my other big sister...im really proud of her...when i receive her news cause that time i was on duty so when i read her message i really had goosebumps... ♥

.▬ CLAIR..shes our snow white...shes glamorous...shes also an RN haha shes not working on the office now...she transfers to another call center company here in Cebu...she also have a BF already,shes always been  a happy person too...shes very competitive also...theres no reason for her not to go forward...for this lady theres no way going back its just a road ahead...shes lovable...she always ask us if we already arrive home cause her house is just near from the city so she always got home first...our time together is also eating...we love McDo...
everytime i see one,i always remember her...however whenever we go out,shes always with us...the circle of friends...♥

▬ Brian...

hmmm his our supervisor hahahhaha
his been a mentor to me..everytime he do SBS i always learn a lot from him...

of all the supervisor on the floor his one of the best that is why where very much lucky to be the agents under this man...his goal for us NO WAY TO GO BUT UP for this month cause aug is the worst month weve been into as a team...

you will find him intimidating if you wont really get know him,cause you cant just ask him anything...his like a walking encyclopedia...

i am so proud that im under this person... and its should always be righteous to say THANK YOU to this person...

im tired need to watch movie now...so haha till tomorrow i'll just find time to post more...gotta sleep also and enjoy my RD... :) 

                                                                                                   cherie ann lines♥

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

L O L ♥ ♥ ♥

last monday after shift the team had a little get together team building cause this week we will be having out shift bid... we've been scared with our wits cause we've been used to the thought that we will be growing and build our careers with each other...i cannot even imagine  myself being with another bunch of people but that's part of the life of a call center agent...but for me,its too soon to bid goodbyes to those people whom i used to be with and get a long with...we were rule breakers and super doper hungry to prove that we value our supervisor we knew we need to prove a lot from the team whose agents are tenure  already....the reason why we need to fight for our supervisors position,we are his first team to be handle since he was promoted as a supervisor...that is why we need to be hungry for achievements and thank goodness our stats was good we keep him...the sad part was that he needs to let go two of our teammates, they weren't appraise early this month...that was the saddest part we had one of them was one of the my closest friend and shes too sweet to break down like that...shes kinda ok now,moving forward...now were facing a glitch that will part our ways and i know it will put walls since some of us will prefer to be in the morning shift cause they do really wanted it that way they cannot stand the stressful shift in graveyard...my stand is that i dont want to be in the morning shift cause the workplace is too far from our place...i need to take off 3 hrs before shift for me to arrive there 30 minutes earlier and not to be late...i cannot complain cause on the first place i know what im into...ive been dedicated on this schedule hahaha im used to it...and im afraid that if i will choose morning i will always be late due to traffic...to be safe i will suite myself on evening shift...my body clock already adjusted on this kind of shit im into...

a lot of me i wanted to share...those stuffs i used to share before...and i have to say something...this was kinda personal haha but im ready to let it be posted since the feelings have subside already...and i feel better and feels good...

here are some of my teammates "EC174 A"

Monday, September 3, 2012

with them ♥

a lot happened since i last posted...remember mr.♥?we go out with our friends,he invited me to go with him to watch Pasigarbo sa Sugbo... that was when i have my RD...after the GA,that night i was with him...i had a lot of fun that night,and im so tired that time,but still ive been pulling up the energy just to get going... anyways that was worth the go anyways...however after that,i havent seen him...were both busy but we still do communicate...his too busy with the trip thingy...anyways this are some of the pictures on that day with our friend...


this is taken after shift and after our general assembly last july...where our team supervisor was very proud of us cause during GA giving out the awards for the top 10 agents 7 of my teammates bagged the awards...
that was the best of us accepting the awards together with our very proud sup...
hahhahaha and i got one for ma'self ^^ hahaha  
then we go to Robinsons Mall cause the girls plan to pamper themselves and so one of my friend found this then we had fun taking pictures with ourselves with this two models..

i wanna share this song that's been my LSS for weeks already...♥

Heart On Fire...

I'm falling in, I'm falling down
I wanna begin but I don't know how
To let you know, how i'm feeling
I'm high on hope, I'm reeling

And I won't let you go, now you know
I've been crazy for you all this time
Kept it close, always hoping
With a heart on fire
A heart on fire
With a heart on fire
A heart on fire

Hand in hand, sparkling eyes
The days are bright and so are the nights
Cause when i'm with you, I'm grinning
Once I was through, but now i'm winning

No I won't let you go, now you know
I've been crazy for you all this time
I've kept it close, always hoping
With a heart on fire
A heart on fire
With a heart on fire
A heart on fire

Let me walk through life with you
Everybody dreams of having what we do
Like we're rolling thunder, you pull me out from under

No I won't let you go, now you know
I've been crazy for you all this time
I've kept it close, always hoping
With a heart on fire
A heart on fire
With a heart on fire
A heart on fire

A heart on fire