Friday, March 11, 2016



Two weeks before the injury I went nature tripping. 
TREKKING with brave gals!
 Spent my Valentines day differently this year from the normal routine on just staying at home..yes!single dilemma hahhaha but personally I don't think that's really important you know. I mean,as long as you're genuinely happy then you're on the right track.
My girl  friends and yours truly braved the night all the way to the top.
We arrived late than expected 'cause we have to wait for ANNA (new found travel friend) to end her class that day.

At the bus we were laughing so hard and we were just goofing around...hahahha imagine if your friends are as hilarious as these three women beside me (it'll drive you nuts).

Where?It's located in Dalaguete,Cebu. You have to take a bus from the city to it's municipality proper,then you have to take a motorcycle which I guess almost a 30 minutes ride all the way to the destination.
Once you're there,you have to log your names and contact numbers and you can choose to trek all the way to the top without a guide or get a guide which we did and the guy was generous enough cause he carried all our bags full of food and things(we were all girls) and that was around 11pm haha.
Good thing the weather was just fine while we were still on our way up to the camp site.
WHAT THE FUDGE! just right after we settled in to our cozy tent it started raining...droplets that turns to heavy drizzles of raindrops with that scary wind blowing outside our tent.

basang sisiw
That was a REAL STRUGGLE for us. We have to sleep though(never mind the water running through each side of the tent) so imagine the struggle we have to endure that night. And yeah,we really didn't have a good night sleep.Had to be very vigilant,we're like zombies haha We have to secure our bags and food. But hail those angels with us that night we were okay and that morning we were fogged up haha lookie!
a view outside out tent
It wasn't just the four of us who braved that scornful weather that night,but also those brave campers at the camp site.
Though it's still raining that morning and it was so cold out there we were still able to at least go CHECK OUT THE PEAK!

Because it's raining heavily it's kinda scary to stay longer than what we have initially planned at the camp site so we decided to trek all the way down so early and went to the nearby spring. When we set foot all the way down from the peak,that was a real struggle with that muddy track we had to take. But thank goodness we all arrived safe without any bruises :) and for me that was AMAZING!

T'was an escapade which would always be on my top 5 list ♥ I can only post pictures and blab about  the experience. Try it!and experience it :)


That desire to explore... DO IT!!! MAKE IT HAPPEN!! 

I just cant wait for my next adventure with my loves... oh well,that's a wrap for now... 
"till next escapade! ♥

E X P L O R E - D R E A M - D I S C O V E R



"STRESSED spelled backward as DESSERTS"

Sherish took me first to this new found haven. When I first got in to the place i was in awe :) I was surrounded by CAKES,CHOCOLATES and all those pastries they have!

Man!I've found heaven on earth at that time.
So I took with me my other close friends here also. A new hangout place for us,yay!

I want Haydie(my other friend) to check the place and the pastries since she's more into cakes than me. And I guess she was happy ;)



I am blessed with friends who share the same respect to great food as me  ♥ 

Normally the invites that I'm receiving from friends are either "YOU WANNA JOIN US ON OUR TRIP?" or " ARE YOU FREE TODAY?LET'S EAT"
yeah,you may find it funny but I'm used to it and I am super okay with it.

Last February, because I was advised to rest due to my knee injury(LEFT KNEE MCL STRAIN) my friends asked me if I can join them. It's not that we have to walk duh so I guess that was just fine all I have to do was ► go to the place (P.S THEY ALL HELPED ME AND ASSISTED ME because I was still limping hahahha) and eat :) 

Well,I missed them to the bits...My friends Sherish and Gypsy want to experience the famous PEARL KOREAN RESTAURANT (which is a nice place and where I used to hang out if I want to eat) that I was recommending to them. 

So we did.

Sherish ♥ me ♥ Gypsy

Nothing brings people together like good food.

They both love the experience and the food. I can really recommend The Pearl Korean Restaurant. 
Try it yourself and you'll find yourself with friends eating and catching up again back in the restaurant with lettuce stuffed with bulgogi in your hand while others are cooking the samgyeopsal while laughing and just enjoying the food in front of you guys. 

Their side dishes are the BEST!!!! I really like their kimchi ♥

I like their RAMEN and their greens,they're all FRESH!!!! you don' t have to order rice.
You can just have lettuce,trust me its enough :)
Wasn't able to take more photos of us here, I don't have my camera and I was just really hungry so the three of us just eat and enjoyed the food and each other's company :) 

Pearl Korean Meat Shop - so far I've been to both of their branches in Cebu. One in A.S Fortuna (which i guess the main branch) and the one in Capitol Site which I normally hang out with friends. 
I'll promise that on my next visit I will take more pictures.. For now let's just settle for this :)



En Bonne Santé

Blogging backlog? well its a big YES for me.

Been through a lot last February..I supposed,I could have used the time I've spent resting on posting something. BUT, there's really nothing popping out from not so fully overload brain of mine.hahaha nada!
 I was injured last February.

So let's start with this,after my birthday I promised to myself to eat healthy and be back on track. With that I was thinking about diet (which I think obnoxious hahah). I LOVE TO EAT,so just the thought of controlling my self not to eat a lot makes me wanna throw up. But yeah,swallowed back my words cause I did it for almost 2 weeks. And I tried fruit diet and just  eat rice during lunch. 
I know,dont judge me I know that was wrong... Those weeks that I am on diet,I could have used it to eat and take more carbo as per doctor's advised and could have started my exercise around those time.

Why?because I'm scheduled to join my first FUN RUN!YES!FIRST after almost 9 years. I used to run before way back in my elementary and highschool years. I was a track-and-field athlete.
A friend kept on reminding me I should start my preparation but I was too full of myself and with that mañana habit which really didn't help me at all.
So I start my preparation a week before the FUN RUN(still on fruit diet)and yeah!I should have known better :)
I was back on track 5 days before the event and I did that every after my shift that week.

Abellana Sports Complex
I wasn't pushing myself too much. Cause I was thinking about the event and all those misconception of what a preparation should be. And yes!learned my lesson the hard and unfortunate way.

But here is the BEST PART!yay!

I was able to join the SM2SM FUN RUN 6 last February 12. Phew that was 12K.
I could still remember the feeling and t'was good :)
Everything on that day was okay and I'm doing fine,had a target on less than 2hrs for that but unfortunately on my way back, I stopped at around the 3k mark to catch a breathe and went to the water area but I don't know what happened and what was I'm thinking at that very moment cause I turned around and instead I started to do some stretching on my left leg. When I did that I guess a vein just snapped and I twisted it so I cannot walk anymore cause the pain is too much. But the warrior in me kicked in. 
All I did with that 31 minutes back to the finish line was WALK...and that was the most excruciating walk I've ever done in my whole life. OH!I wasn't walking. I WAS LIMPING hahahha
but the best part is that I was able to finish it and the pain that time was tolerable.

yay!got my first FUN RUN medal ♥

Finished my 12K run for 2hrs and 8mins :) ain't bad!

and my friends did too ♥

You don't have to be a health buff and all, you just have to have dedication and DISCIPLINE :)

T'was one hell of an experience and will definitely be back on track next month since I'm on my way to recovery more week and I'll be fully healed.


"At first they will ask why you're doing it. Later, they'll ask how you did it"

ciao for now loves..