Wednesday, March 18, 2015


i need more supply of good coffee... :)

my love for coffee is UNEQUIVOCAL ♥

my current drink w. mama 

i can't recall when did i started loving coffee. Friends would always remind me to stop drinking coffee :)
Guess it's a hard habit to break...

This one.. got this for free for my birthday.. :) normally you'll get a free drink and a cake for your birthday and if you have a membership card... well,because of this addiction whenever I drop by and buy my coffee the barista's already know what coffee I would like to buy...somehow its a default order already...

this one,got this last V-day... would always remind me that I was alone at that day hahhah AMPALAYA :)

Cafe Mocha
My all time fav CAFE MOCHA ♥  this is the default order...  I don't know, I just love it...  heaven for me :) that whenever I feel down and lahat na mga anik anik sa life,there's no other way to chill but to have a sip of heaven on earth...might be simple but it makes me relax and then I can go on with my life... :)

Vanity and Victoria REUNITED

and normally I ended up meeting my friends at coffee shops... 

I guess I also need my friends right now...A good talk over coffee I guess... 

Ciao for now... cheers to a new beginning...

Monday, March 2, 2015


As promised, since friends are waiting for my review on how our trip goes at HIDDEN VALLEY WAVE POOL RESORT in Lamac,Pinamungajan last 25/02/2015.

Oh!the long wait is over...

With my work mates (4 workmates and Bevz lil'sis) we traveled from Cebu City to Lamac,Pinamungajan (Southern part of Cebu) to experience their new local attraction,the WAVE POOL! yay...  At first, personally I'm so damn excited to visit and experience the wave pool since I've been to their first resort which happens to be just at the top and just a few steps away and my experienced there was awesome. The Wave Pool just opened last Dec'14(though I am not sure if it is the first in Cebu).


There are several ways to get to the place, though will share 2 of them:

•• for a shorter route••
- take a bus ride from Cebu South Terminal via Toledo (via Naga Uling Road) this will be the first leg of the trip. Then you'll arrive in Toledo Municipality.  Afterwards,the second leg of the trip will be from  Toledo Municipality to Municipality of Pinamungajan. Overall,the travel should only be 2 and a half hours from Cebu City or lesser

•• the LONGER route ••
- we mistakenly took the LONGER route :) though that was fun,was able to see the beauty of the province.Fresh air and the mountains the view on the way was refreshing. Though when i say it's the longer route trust me,its literally LONG... we took the minibus ride from Cebu South Terminal via CarCar-Barili-Aloguinsan-Pinamungajan
- When you reach the town proper,simply look for the Municipal Hall,there will be a small road which will lead you to the place which is Brgy.Lamac. And this add to the 3 hrs ride on the bus we took since we have to take a bike ride w.c known for locals "Habal-Habal" we have to negotiate since the resort is far from the town proper and only bikes and private vehicles are able to sustain the struggle going there.  The "Habal-Habal" fare per person is 60Php. Also,keep in mind that it's a 14 kilometers ride.
Oh well.let me add that our trip from town proper to Lamac wasn't an easy trip.


My friend Bevz didn't like the ride since she's with her little sister and the ride ain't nice and easy too.
She had to constantly remind the driver that they have to take it easy and also ff which way we're taking.
The road is a mix of concrete,rocks,puddles and occasionally loose pebbles,sometimes there's no concrete at all. If you have kids necessary precautions has to be considered like brakes and enough fuel cause its a remote place. The ride will be almost an hour.

So i am suggesting to those who would like to go to the place better take private vehicles or rent a van and you can take the shorter route.

So we arrived at the place for almost an hour. We thought that there wont be any entrance fee since I've checked ahead of time and was told that there wont be any entrance fee,since it'll be included on the cottage payment. Also learned that they're quite strict on the prices since the resort was divided into 2 (first is the mountain resort, second is the wavepool resort).

•• the RATES ••

- Entrance Fee is Php 100.00 per person
- they have wi-fi within the area and they have to key in the password personally to your phone hahaha
- MUSHROOM cottage (beside the pool area) Php 800.00
- NATIVE cottage (far from the pool area) Php 600.00
- no dress code (as long as you are not wearing something w/ a metal zips)
- i was advised when i called that there's no corkage fee though there is and it is Php 50.00,their reception area was somehow complete, also they cook food for their guest,we have to order
the food that we can choose from their menu

So we took the Mushroom cottage :)

Mushroom Cottage
Native Cottage
watermelon , pumpkin rooms 
Noticed their watermelons and pumpkin barkada rooms which are currently being finished. Also learned from a friend that if you wish to cross from one resort to another which is the mountain resort you only have to pay Php 50.00

Also thought that this is a gazebo but it is a JACUZZI they have 2 at the center of the pool.

Bevz Me Jam Cj
When we arrive at the area we decided to order our food.their crew followed us on our cottage to take our order. We decided to go for a swim since we though they have to cook for the food we ordered and mind you we have to pay for it right away though I find that okay.

At first the waves were gentle. Then, it got a little rough and a little more annoying than exciting hahahah :) we fondly called the waves THE ANNOYING WAVES. And I just learned that they wont switch on the machine to create the waves if there are less than 10 people swimming in the pool. and also we timed the waves it's good every 20 mins and the machine will be switched off.

•• now here's the exciting part ••

we decided to go back to our cottage since we were hungry already,we thought that the food we ordered when we arrived was ready,knowing that we waited for the food for almost 2 hours and I am not exaggerating on this :) haha yeah that's how awful their service was when we were there. We constantly asked the crew since other cottages already got their food even though we ordered first and WE ARRIVED FIRST but our food was nowhere to found. Until we decided to ask the crew who was busy collecting other cottages plates and all he gave us was his cranky smile and told us its not yet done. We are normally generous but the experienced we had with  their customer service was AWFUL and DISAPPOINTING, sad to say their service didn't give justice to the place. We also asked if we can talked to their supervisor but the crew doesn't even know how to handle situations like that and doesnt even know how to explain things. All we got was "they only have 2 chefs who prepares the food" though I think it should not be an excuse. Also their cottages got a lot of flies so we have to make sure everything are covered.
Good thing we bought Lechon manok at the town proper and also Bevz brought pork,we don't have a choice we have to eat our own food or we will starve :) and our supervisor asked to talked with their supervisor,few minutes later 3 of our ordered food was delivered 7 minutes before 1pm which was our timeframe before we finally approach the resorts' supervisor. We got the plain rice, chapseuy and the pansit,still lacking 2 :) the fried rice and the grilled pork which was delivered later on (after 20 mins).

Though i am not sure if i miss something. haha but instead giving this resort a good review I think it is also fair enough to post our real experience there. Overall, I will give them 1 over 10 rating...why?

- the road trip was a disaster 
- the information over the phone wasn't correct 
- the wi-fi's only good if you are settled on the native cottage near the reception area w.c they told us that it'll be avail in our cottage area,so better bring your own wi-fi device
- NO PHONE RECEPTION we cant call and text
- flies are everywhere
- restrooms and washroom arent enough they only have 2 for women and 2 for men knowing that the place still has huge space
- WAVE POOL was annoying haha
- most of all... CUSTOMER SERVICE was AWFUL 

• if possible rent a van/car or use your private car to get there
• bring your own wi-fi
• make sure you bring FOOD :) and more patience

and thats it ♥ the only thing that made that trip worth keeping are the people I spent the trip with, it may not be a good experience at the place but that doesn't mean we didn't have FUN :) 'till our next trip buddies ♥ ciao for now...

Bevz and her lil'sis