Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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last monday after shift the team had a little get together team building cause this week we will be having out shift bid... we've been scared with our wits cause we've been used to the thought that we will be growing and build our careers with each other...i cannot even imagine  myself being with another bunch of people but that's part of the life of a call center agent...but for me,its too soon to bid goodbyes to those people whom i used to be with and get a long with...we were rule breakers and super doper hungry to prove that we value our supervisor we knew we need to prove a lot from the team whose agents are tenure  already....the reason why we need to fight for our supervisors position,we are his first team to be handle since he was promoted as a supervisor...that is why we need to be hungry for achievements and thank goodness our stats was good we keep him...the sad part was that he needs to let go two of our teammates, they weren't appraise early this month...that was the saddest part we had one of them was one of the my closest friend and shes too sweet to break down like that...shes kinda ok now,moving forward...now were facing a glitch that will part our ways and i know it will put walls since some of us will prefer to be in the morning shift cause they do really wanted it that way they cannot stand the stressful shift in graveyard...my stand is that i dont want to be in the morning shift cause the workplace is too far from our place...i need to take off 3 hrs before shift for me to arrive there 30 minutes earlier and not to be late...i cannot complain cause on the first place i know what im into...ive been dedicated on this schedule hahaha im used to it...and im afraid that if i will choose morning i will always be late due to traffic...to be safe i will suite myself on evening shift...my body clock already adjusted on this kind of shit im into...

a lot of me i wanted to share...those stuffs i used to share before...and i have to say something...this was kinda personal haha but im ready to let it be posted since the feelings have subside already...and i feel better and feels good...

here are some of my teammates "EC174 A"

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