Sunday, October 5, 2014


God's plans for your life exceed the circumstances of your day...

It's been a while...blogging backlog...

it's been 2 months  that i'm out from my comfort zone and just simply doing the new routine...2 months under training,and t'was both exciting and draining...draining 'cause everyday i have to wait for the day that we will have to hear the verdict,if it's a YES or NO... the good news we heard from our TL last OCT 1...the verdict...WE ALL PASS PHASE we're all endorse to production...though on the flip side,it'a kinda tormenting cause i'll have my new team which means we will have to go separate ways...and i'll be missing my friends...before,i thought my AUG and SEPT will be boring but they added colors to my life for the last 2 months... got my eat out buddies and my partners in crime... :) most specially,i have found sisters and brothers from different mothers... ♥

this is our little family.... ♥

my eat out buddies... 
team VIA-AN


Burrito Babes (CAE trivia night)


Shoyo Ramen

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