Wednesday, March 18, 2015


i need more supply of good coffee... :)

my love for coffee is UNEQUIVOCAL ♥

my current drink w. mama 

i can't recall when did i started loving coffee. Friends would always remind me to stop drinking coffee :)
Guess it's a hard habit to break...

This one.. got this for free for my birthday.. :) normally you'll get a free drink and a cake for your birthday and if you have a membership card... well,because of this addiction whenever I drop by and buy my coffee the barista's already know what coffee I would like to buy...somehow its a default order already...

this one,got this last V-day... would always remind me that I was alone at that day hahhah AMPALAYA :)

Cafe Mocha
My all time fav CAFE MOCHA ♥  this is the default order...  I don't know, I just love it...  heaven for me :) that whenever I feel down and lahat na mga anik anik sa life,there's no other way to chill but to have a sip of heaven on earth...might be simple but it makes me relax and then I can go on with my life... :)

Vanity and Victoria REUNITED

and normally I ended up meeting my friends at coffee shops... 

I guess I also need my friends right now...A good talk over coffee I guess... 

Ciao for now... cheers to a new beginning...

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