Friday, October 2, 2015



At last!

Lately I've been struggling to fight the sadness taking over me...and there's no better way to comfort myself but through EATING ♥

A dear friend of mine been asking me to try this new place... PINK HEAVEN... and AT LAST!!!!those cancelled plans came true last Wednesday night... had a lot to catch up with each other too...

Now let's talk about the place and the food (OMG) :)

PINK HEAVEN is the name of the place...located in South Coastal Center, Linao, Talisay City Cebu. Personally I like the place and how the crew attend to their customers, I can say that they're very accommodating. Outside I thought the place is small but man!trust me its spacious inside...I like the interior design... so here is the place :) though wasn't able to take pictures outside the bistro...

So since we just came from work we were so hungry but I like how the service goes...and I will give 1 point for the service on top of the initial score that I have in my mind...It also amazed me when they gave us complimentary before the main dish and I guess this is because we have to wait for our order cause it will take minutes to have it served to our table but that was okay we didn't wait forever (that was acceptable and they didn't starve us ) and phew the wait was worth it...

the COMPLIMENTARY bread :)

Now we dig in after couple of minutes waiting for our order... xoxo num num

SANSRIVAL cake... 
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 sorry my bad already forgot my drinks name... ahahah the one on the left is mine.. man!this was one of the most refreshing drinks I have tried... :) 
exactly what I need while having these piece of heaven... not too sweet, JUST PERFECT!

 this was mine...and all I can say is that MERCI!!!! for this delicious cake... 2 thumbs up!!!

This one is for my dear friend who was my date last Wednesday night... haha she just really like sweets (chocolate to be exact) more than me...but!she wasn't able to finish this one hahahha cause she was too busy face-booking (was that even a word?) nyahahhaha

hahaha i feel so generous today... this one looks fancy and it also taste fancy but in a good way...why? it might be because our taste buds will appreciate something that is original...though I guess this was flavored the way they want it...and though my friend doesn't like the strong kick of sweetness on it... I LIKE IT cause I guess the herbs(green herb slices) that you can see around the rice compliments everything since the flavor is minty... so for me that was really good!

xo HAYDIE ♥ ME xo

xo HAYDIE ♥ ME xo

so I guess that's it for now...'til my next escapade...

xo CHERIE xo

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