Tuesday, February 7, 2012


probably you guys know already what had happen to Cebu and Negros yesterday... that was really terrifying for me.... that was the first time i was really scarred out of my wits cause of the reaction ive seen from the people... i didnt panic the whole time i was in the city... i was with my mother the whole day yesterday, shes with me cause we follow up something in the SSS at 11:48 am,i was sitting in the lounge area for my turn,my number was 38 and the screen signals im the next one...then as i was opening my twitter i cant connect then,i saw my feet shaking, at first that was just slowly shaking,after 5 sec. that was the time i saw the flooring really move and my chair was moving already,i didnt panic since earthquake drill has been taught by the students in school before, i was scared for my mother cause at that time shes in the CR and i know she easily get nervous... when i look back cause the people were panicking they were running to the exit,i grab my momma whom i think was shock at that time cause she saw the screen swinging from a top... then the personnel of the building ask the people not to panic, and calm down,at first they told us that the transaction were still on going,but after 3 minutes the head of the bureau ask us to slowly get outside,they explain that we must go out cause there might be aftershocks... when we got out from the building, i know i really have a poor vision i cant see clearly from a far... but swear to god,i really saw the big crack from the  building, that time i look at the face of my momma, shes still calm,for goodness sake... so the head talk to us,he announce that 6.9 magnitude of quake hit Cebu and Negros,he told the news and i was taking my phone trying to send messages to my family,but there was no signal at all. i cant tweet and my heart was pounding crazy... the head told us that at 12:30 we will be going inside again,but! if the aftershock will be as  worst as it was they will cancel every transactions... since my number was the next in line, we are done easily..but when we for out,we also go to stop for the NBI, when we were there. that's the time i guess my momma really show that shes panicking already, she wanted to buy something but when shes outside the gate,i saw people running hysterically and someone shouted "TUMAKBO NA KAYO MAY TSUNAMI" so the people started to panic, but still i keep myself compose for my momma, i saw her shocked and i was calling her to get back cause im afraid she might get stuck on those people running outside, the siren of the firetrucks were already around outside,then the head of the bureau ask all the NBI to open the gate and help to calm the people outside, they explain to the people not to panic, that time were still dont know whats happening outside the city...but when were done and on our way home, boom! we saw the people on the streets aleardy waiting for a cab...but all you can see was cab already full of passengers, so i decided to ask my momma to get in the other route, shes not listening so i get mad, and ask her to take on the other side,she listen and then we face the traffic, that was almost an hour,when we get into the heart of the city, thats the time i saw on her face that shes scared, theres no bus or cab that will pick up passengers for our place, all you can see were people on the streets panicking,hysterical and even crying, you can see some dont have slippers, running too... i did not ask my momma whats happening, i was just holding her hands the whole time we were walking, i told her that we should go to the terminal so that we can take a bus, even if i pay more just to get home i will pay, i also told her we can grab a taxi, that time shes not responding on anything i say,she told me to walk on the other direction, i told her to calm down so she can think clearly...i shouted so she can get back on track...i was just holding her hands, ohw god! we walk i think for almost an hour again, we saw a mini bus and hop in... and i was like "thank God we can go home" i was really worried for my brother... and for my momma too... but i am so happy that we already on our way home...
All the edifice in the city were closed...you can see workers and students making their way home, trying to catch a cab...that was really the worst ive ever seen... its only 4 pm but the whole city was filled were very scary to watch, very gloomy...very doomed... have you seen 2012 movie? that was exactly the feeling ive felt yesterday as i look at the people and scenario around me...
when we got home...i wanted to took some shoots but i havent cause i was holding my momma the whole time... i wanna cry at that moment... but really thankful we got home safe... aftershocks were felt really strong...my bed was shaking and im really immune on the quake... i cant even get myself to sleep... i was reading my book the whole night... im afraid to sleep too... i was really traumatize by the reaction of the people within the city... i feel sorry for them cause they lack knowledge about tsunami... they were so damn scared... if only the local officials responded and explain to people what was really going on, it will help the crowd to panic... people were going to the higher area of the city... there were still aftershocks today... almost a thousand aftershocks and still counting... please pray that  there will be no worst cases on the days ahead... there were also casualties on Negros... thankful that Cebu were spared from worst scenario... still we need to be prepared and to be more cautious... and pray pray pray... i hope everyone will be okay... i was really scared... i hope there aint be worst again... and im more calm now than last night... i will write again tomorrow... 
keep safe everyone... ♥


  1. found your blog. just dropping by, please be safe :D this is kinda scary

    1. thank you for the drop by... and yeah, were very thankful here on cebu that the effect was not bad as Negros do...very sad about this and so scarry

  2. heartbreaking news. marami pa naman kaming kamag-anak sa south...

  3. evening Mr. Glen...its been my pleasure reading your comment... as of now where ok here in Cebu, san banda yung kamag-anak mo?are they in Cebu? or you mean in Negros? THANK YOU AGAIN!!!


Thank you for the drop by...ciao fella ^^