Wednesday, February 22, 2012


...its been a long time!YEHEY! and im back on track..once a blogger always been a blogger...there are times that i feel im going crazy... doesnt mean i dont have updated post,im out on the sphere... ive always wanted to post tons of happenings,but they all ended up on my drafts... cant finish... i just settled on  reading all my co-bloggers post... 
ive been so down this month,i guess all i've been through now makes me weak at first, but when i look at my father last night,and hear what my mother and tita told lights up the fire in me...gosh! at some point also in my life ive been such a thinker... i let myself get drained... you know that i dont like to talk to much... i've learn the hard ways... and i know now how to get back on my feet again... i know im a big coward... it makes me sick for goodness sake! can i cant take it anymore... i understand now why its so hard to not letting out how you feel...when it burst out in will explode... its not hard to be someone like me but its really damn hard to understand the me... i was asking random stuffs on everything... haha it makes me think im crazy... but knowing me... im weird so a simple coffee and chocolate makes me ok now... i am just so thankful to have those kind people around me... they inspires me even if i know that at some point im really stupid sometimes... haha im so random and crazy!!!! 

well back on myself now... i just miss everything... and i miss my friends...

i was with some of them 2 weeks ago...we go to one of the famous church here in Cebu... i am so happy that day... and only one person knows why...hahahah *evil laugh... its my friend Ahple who exactly knows why... i really begged her to keep that a secret...oh goodness...when she told me that she knows exactly, i wanna die at that very moment hahahha i think i did blush a little... hahah she laugh at me!duh... 

then last week, i was on the province... the southern part of cebu... to see the famous whales (butandeng) at Oslob Cebu... but sadly the whales disappears cause of the earthquake strikes last feb 6... after that the next day,their all gone,but after looking for them,the caretakers saw one was left behind...but the whale dont wanna come out of the water and its really understandable that the animal was really scared and affected with the nature strikes... i just hope that the people who takes care of them really take time to give the animals that peaceful environment they wanted...and really takes care of them... 

and this was the last yummy dish ive had last feb.4 so this is soooo panis hahahha so take a look at it right now...cause im gonna write something more worth the read ^^ 

oooooppppppssssss dont forget! love love love... ♥ and stay grounded... live a life ^^ 

suddenly i miss the majestic at robinson... just love their foodie there... ^^  i think i have almost 4 pictures of this same delish here in my blog cause i just love it!!!! ♥


  1. welcome back...

    its nice having you back

    1. thank you for always responding my stuff Lj... god bless always and keep on writing...

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