Tuesday, November 13, 2012

humor ♫ NOVEMBER happenings

NOVEMBER its been a busy month for me... hahaha i cant believe it,YES!!! i just happen to survive the stress and all those bumps ive had last month...i have a lot in store for this post...lets start with...

♥ what makes me excited when its nov. ? a LOT!!!! most of all its the town fiesta on one of the place in CEBU which holds my heart... BOLJOON is one of the most adorable and beautiful place here...its kind'a far from the city but when you get there WOOAAHHH WORTH IT!!!its a 2 hour drive away from the city... its a shame that up until now i still dont have a replacement for the cam that was busted...i promise my self that i should have have 1 this december... but yeah... lets start the story now... i never really thought i will be going to the fiesta... but it turns out to be fiesta and a family reunion so i did spent hours there with my aunts tito;s and cousins they all come home for that day thats the reason i cant say NO to them they've come a long way just to attend the reunion...and its killing me cause the night before that i have to go to work...then headed right away to the reunion...then i still dont have sleep when i get there...and damn!i cant afford to sleep i cant afford to miss the fun...and that was a blast!!! i almost dont wanna go back to work that day..yeah right i  have a shift that night so see?how jinx strike that day?...hahhaha but bottom line that was PERFECT ♥ a lot of food...and funny cause im really excited about the lechon...after that eating seasion pictures and all the visitors ,well they cant blame me for being so lame entertaining some of them i was very tired that time after i had my time with the lechon ... i wanna sleep but my eyes wont close...so what they did we had a singing session with my cousins aunts and tito's were all complete and i was like dope hoping that wont end and after 4 hours of fun there... i had to head back to the city cause i have to go to work that night...and man,im late...15 minutes late..so?i still dont have sleep though i had a nap at the bus...but oh my goodness i was like a zombie...i feel like im floating... then...

♥ i had to log in...i was taking calls and i know im not gonna do that again...coming to work without rest... its dope!!!! everytime call comes in i cant  make ma'self be perky...ahm,at first i still have energy but after 1 hour oh my god i cant think clearly...i feel like im floating hahahha and you know what i  came to the point im about to close ma'eyes but thank goodness i fought that hahahhaha that was very funny...and so end of shift here it comes... you think that was the end?

uh uh uh nanannana no it wasnt... a lot is coming that morning... we hang out on the lobby waiting for 7:30 am to strike .. here are some pictures

my teammates at the lobby kiosk ... ♥ while waiting for the tour bus that will take us to CEBU MARINE RESORT BEACH lalalalla team outing

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