Wednesday, December 19, 2012


the second day we were in bohol was for our BOHOL Countryside Tour... our first stop was to see the smallest person in the philippines before his name is Bayoyoy... then we have to go to see the biggest phyton in Bohol #Prony is the snake... then we do have a tour to see some of the other animals... they also have eagles... and monkeys and turtles too... we also buy the pasalubong outside the zoo... then headed to Loboc River for Lunch... then we have to go to the Zip line place and prepare to go to Chocolate Hills and that was sooooooo FUN on our way we cant wait to hop from place to place we were soooo amaze of what we saw that day...
anyways after we do some tripin in Chocolate Hills we did stop at the man made forest that WOW us all... its like a little baguio there...also after that we've been to Baclayon church and at the Blood compact park that was the last stop for that day we ended taking rest like around 8pm the tour ended at 6pm...

...we havent sleep by the way at the Panglao Beach all we did was swim...get drunk for some of us and do some crazy games these are all the pictures i could share... i wanted to organize everything also the story but i just cant after realizing how many the pictures and how long was our day during the tour hahahhahaha i cant just tell details by details... mauuubos araw ko... well here are some of the pictures for you guys to check... next stop will be in Camotes Island and Dumaguete City.. 

HAPPY HOLIDAYS for now... ☺

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