Saturday, March 9, 2013


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ITS BEEN A LONG TIME.... ☺

i dont even know where to start... anyways i should give credits to people who reads my post before... and my friends who always ask when am i gonna write again... 

i think dapat lang bigyan ko ng malaking THANK YOU si 2012/// cause that year was a blessing I've had best times during that year and that is just one of those reasons na meron ako why i went from a hiatus on my blog... though that year was super crazy busy.... NO REGRETS and ALL WAS FUN...  

Its been a great and an awesome time to start my year this year right and all of those positive stuffs na massabi ko sa taon na ito... those bad habits has been worked on... i am so proud to say I AM NOT AS IRATE AS I AM... i can handle pressure already and i think i should give credits naman to my self kasi everybody knows im not as good as i am now today... i really have this insight in me na alam kung treasure ko habang buhay... JUST  KEEPING MY FEET ON THE GROUND... and a total and a big THANK YOU to my SUPERVISOR TM and teammates they've been stupendous and awesome!!!!!!  

Now im back and i have lots stored to post...thought hinfdi naman talaga ako nawala,i am not posting but still im reading blogs from my idols and i will share something on my new found blog na kahit nasa office ako and taking calls naka alt+tab talaga ang window ng blog nya and nawawala ang stress ko sa kanya... i thinj you know this person guys cause his so famous in  BLOGGOSPHERE...  now im back on track however i have to post starting tomorrow my write ups are not yet done cause naubos oras ko sa pag edit ng mga blurry photos... and i will be posting those photos tomorrow so i am sorry i have to end this post... again ciao but i will leave some snippets on the pictures just a little backgorunf of the stories that i have... 


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