Saturday, March 16, 2013


Last week... i promise to write something last Sun. but that didnt happen... something came up... then knowing the whole week i working and again knowing me... i am so lazy after work... sleep work eat work gohome sleep... thats the routine... and thats everyday... BORING!!!! boooooooooooh! hahahhaha hindi naman masyado... i still do have activities (echos.. ) within everyday living... hindi pa jan kasama ang mga gig ko whenever im free after work... and talking about after work i never let myself starve... knowing me... ako na yata ang slim na kung kumain parang lalaki lang hahahhaha well its a blessing for a food lover like me...sometimes i dont know if its a joke or its true... pero i dont get offended cause i know its true... cause one time i invited my friend to eat somewhere in the city... then she invited her beau to come eat with us... knowing a guy would really eat a lot but hey im not famished that time im just being me kasi ganito yun... Nag order c guy for my friend an for himself...mas marami sa kanya konti lang kay girl like we were on a resto where everyone goes there to eat and its a famous resto here in Cebu... then go na ako...its ma turn to order food... he was amazed like he was ? ARE YOU SURE YOU CAN EAT ALL OF THAT???.... "me : YES... WHY??? hahhahah PARDON ME... YOU DONT SEE ME EAT YET NOW YOU WILL!!!!!" then he was left dumbfounded he was SHOCKED man!!! he said "well!good thing hindi kasi halata sa katawan mo!"... he was sooooo funny... oh my... bakit yun yung mga na share ko... well... moving forward... 

Reason why hindi ako naka pag post... I have to reformat my files since it was corrupted...and trust me all of my files was erased...good thing was that before ive plugged my stuffs in the computer i make sure  i have back up files already just in case... so ayun i really have to find time para mag reformat ng mga files and drives...  so all i can give after that is... a big SIGH... :(

I've give my page a new look... but the banner still the same i dont have enough materials just like before... so new look... simple... pleasant and organized... but theres still a touch of girl stuffs like the pink inks... 

As i write again and really give time more on what i used to do before... as much as i can do... i want to blog and write using tagalog and english though hindi talaga ako marunong masyado ng tagalog... but  i follow this guy na he takes away my boredom at work... i think ive write something about this idol blogger... ahm more of him on my next post... 

I still have pictures left on my other memory i can still share it... sa next nalang ang iba cause i have to transfer the pictures from my other drive... before i end this post... i wanna share this just like this before ... 

"Good relationships don't just happen. They take time, patience and two people who truly want to be together."


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    1. sure... i already did... Thank u for droppin by...

  2. may nagsabi sakin na dapat tatlong beses na naka-save ang files (sa ibat ibag llagyan ah) para safe sa pagkakabura :D

    1. yes.. tomoh titser Mots... ive learned my lesson already... hahahahahhaha katakot mawala mga files and kainin lang ng bugs and all the virus na nakakahawa sa net... thank u for reading... flatter na naman ako :)


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