Thursday, July 31, 2014

SAYONARA… part 1


Have you ever been into that situation where in you'll be torn between the decision you have to make,it's either you STAY or LEAVE?

Been through Done that… :) as what they usually call it..

Im now down to the last 1 day here in my current company… Like,the 2.4 years working here just breezed right through… working here's been both fun and tormenting and I'm definitely ready for the next challenge and environment…It's both heartbreaking and exciting(weird right?)…

I sucks at goodbyes cause im really not good at it...i cant even count how many times i've deleted my supposed FAREWELL post... i decided to finish this today...


well,im just so thankful for my direct SUPERVISORS(the past and the present)...if not for their effort on me(i mean i was nobody in this industry before) im not as confident today to myself...they taught me everything what needs to be learned...they let me realize what im capable of doing...I appreciate how supportive they are on this decision i have made... :) i can walk with such pride that i have worked with them and stole some of their knowledge and skills... I JUST CANT THANK THEM MORE THAN ENOUGH... ♥

to my FAMILY...TIER 2 TEAM... they're all AWESOME!!!!! i didn't expect i'll find such lovable people in the company,cause they said in this industry you cant find REAL PEOPLE...cause the culture is PEOPLE COME AND GO SO MOVE ON...well that's totally BS cause IT AIN'T TRUE..  it may depends on the work place and the people around you and you personally :) how you deal with people will reflect...WHAT GOES AROUND COMES BACK AROUND...its a boomerang...
i think im one lucky kid... i may have few enough friends but im CERTAIN they're all REAL...
i wasn't expecting i'll be so attached to the TIER2 team as much as i do now...somehow,they're the main reason why it was so tormenting to let go of this job...they have accepted me for who i am (they dont have a choice) they have seen the best and the WORST in me..i cant say more than enough as well with these people i consider an extension of my family...those after shift eat out was crazy...we breeze storms just to get into the place where we wanna try new dishes and flavors...for me its not'll be SEE YOU AROUND... ♥



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