Monday, February 2, 2015


...i remember this line from one of my favorite song ...
"So don't you worry your pretty little mind ♥ People throw rocks at things that shine"
"And life makes love look hard ♥ The stakes are high, the water's rough"

there's a lot to be grateful than complain and whine about. This year I celebrated my birthday in a different way. Different 'cause i just normally spent birthday for the last 24 years of my life at home with family and the same bunch of close friends. That I didn't want to spend my bday this year with them okay. I just think that I deserve a break away from the city and I have to spend some time with my family.I filed a 3 days leave and was approved :) isn't it great? though technically i was away from work for 9 days...and that was awesome!!! used that time to see friends that I haven't seen for years...watched movies / t.v series / basketball / go out with friends and tried diff food and pastries.

• These are taken with my close friends •

okay let's skip some part...2 days before my bday we traveled down south of Cebu.

We stayed at our Lolo's house in Boljoon. We have to visit him as well since  his not doing good anymore...yeah,read it right he's sick and he's been on that bed for almost 3 years already. Though he's still fighting.

My tita said that since I love adventure she'll treat me and that we will have adventure on my birthday...29/01/15 we did TREKKING, since we didn't know anything about her plan we're not prepared and we're not fully geared :) though we accepted the challenged, and oh by the way the challenged was PAJAMA and SLIPPERS trekking... phew that was mad!!!  but AWESOME and I find it cool.Thankful and happy that we made it with just pajamas and slippers, though my mom's pajama didn't make it hahhahah no worries we also brought our spares of clothes.



going up

grateful for LIFE!

Tita MARISA and Mama FLORA

our view UP the mountain...
...spent a night in the wilderness. also we visited our Lolo's hacienda ( haha ) it's safe to say Coconut, Banana and other root crops plantation. Then we  had TURKEY and NATIVE CHICKENS for dinner under the sky full of stars. Felt so close to  heaven while looking up at the stars and sky that night.
I thought going up was tiring but trust me the best part of the trekking was going down the struggles are mad! haha slipped twice so 'got some bruises on my left arm but everything was awesome! specially I spent it with my family.

so its my bday ♥ its the 30th of JAN!! wohoooo


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