Friday, March 11, 2016



I am blessed with friends who share the same respect to great food as me  ♥ 

Normally the invites that I'm receiving from friends are either "YOU WANNA JOIN US ON OUR TRIP?" or " ARE YOU FREE TODAY?LET'S EAT"
yeah,you may find it funny but I'm used to it and I am super okay with it.

Last February, because I was advised to rest due to my knee injury(LEFT KNEE MCL STRAIN) my friends asked me if I can join them. It's not that we have to walk duh so I guess that was just fine all I have to do was ► go to the place (P.S THEY ALL HELPED ME AND ASSISTED ME because I was still limping hahahha) and eat :) 

Well,I missed them to the bits...My friends Sherish and Gypsy want to experience the famous PEARL KOREAN RESTAURANT (which is a nice place and where I used to hang out if I want to eat) that I was recommending to them. 

So we did.

Sherish ♥ me ♥ Gypsy

Nothing brings people together like good food.

They both love the experience and the food. I can really recommend The Pearl Korean Restaurant. 
Try it yourself and you'll find yourself with friends eating and catching up again back in the restaurant with lettuce stuffed with bulgogi in your hand while others are cooking the samgyeopsal while laughing and just enjoying the food in front of you guys. 

Their side dishes are the BEST!!!! I really like their kimchi ♥

I like their RAMEN and their greens,they're all FRESH!!!! you don' t have to order rice.
You can just have lettuce,trust me its enough :)
Wasn't able to take more photos of us here, I don't have my camera and I was just really hungry so the three of us just eat and enjoyed the food and each other's company :) 

Pearl Korean Meat Shop - so far I've been to both of their branches in Cebu. One in A.S Fortuna (which i guess the main branch) and the one in Capitol Site which I normally hang out with friends. 
I'll promise that on my next visit I will take more pictures.. For now let's just settle for this :)



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