Friday, April 8, 2011

escape from the brink of loosing

its so cute to see people happily in love...people who is very much love and people veru much in love to their in the office right now writing about nonsense of my thoughts again hahahahahha
You know the feeling of loneliness?well i can batter described this one...y?cause im all alone...but on the other side i have a loving family... and im contented,but! now i want to have someone to love already and someone who will love me,as for now i am very much love by God...His been so good to me and my family....
right now im so sleepy but i cant sleep haha im in the office i might get fired hahahhaha lolz!i just imagining foods to keep me up till 6 today...haha weow!i remember something! Alaska Aces escape from a defeat of the PBA qf game 1 last night...what a tough night for them...they almost lose the game,but thanks to God they survived in the remaining seconds of the last quarter hahahahaha yepey!im sooooo happy...wish ALASKA will face the TALK n TEXT on finals...cant wait to see....^^ thats for now...

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