Friday, April 15, 2011

thank you kuya mike

Its been a while since i posted something about the happenings of my everyday living...but it doesnt mean i skip days on blogs...hahhahahhah its kinda funny because the reason i cant write on my own blog site is that i was reading someones blog...funny thing happened was as im so eager to read the stories on his blog i forgot the time i sleep 2:00 am something last night...I really finish the story...woaaaah! a long story...its all about the brothers... haha i wont tell u about the story...its secret...i search some interesting stories of life...and i was amazed by the author he gives justice to each character...

Way back before...i love to write stories...My fav. reader was my cousin emy...she always gives praise to my work,she correct my mistake and want me to be better more on my good ones...^^ see?...she doesnt want me to stop reaching and aiming to write more valuable ones...

I wish i can write my own story and published it someday...^^ heheheh libre lang nman mangarap diba...(o_O)

back to that blog i've been rading...hahhahahhahah i vant say more all i can say "VERY VERY VERY INTERESTING" people behind that stories...and the people who supports them weow!i think they badly realte...ako rin even though im not like them seems like one of my alter ego connects to them...i can see some parts of my ego to them...

I want to give credits to mike...thank you kuya mike for sharing and letting those people write on your much fun and so much overwhelmed to know their still people proving "happiness cant be buy and happiness are equal for every one of lesbians...God creats every one of us..." 

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