Monday, April 4, 2011

sad ending of a friend's story

What if somebody you trust betray you?what will u do? dont know what will i say to the person,what is clear to me is that i will never talk to the person ever and ever but before that i will only have 2 question 1."Why did you do so?did i do something wrong with you?" 2. "Are you satisfied and happy now?".. that will be all...

As i am working now...There is a person who taught me things and stuff that i should learn from my work but then this person is now involve now in a scam...i cant believe shes into it...she is so good for me,but that life is...sooooo ironic...only she knows the truth about what happen.Now shes not working here anymore,she never gets in here how bored i am today and i miss the times we drink coke that is our bonding moments...i miss the food hahahahahahaha but i still look up to her maybe theres a reason for all of this.

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