Friday, May 20, 2011

hmmm first story of BUSY DAYS haha

looking back lets start here...the last week of busy working within this week while waiting for saturday to come cause its the last week of April!it means FIESTA in our while waiting for this day,there are some plays and happening in our place...stage play of one of the famous radio station on one of the night,if i could still remember its 2 nights before the fiesta...then a pagent contest...singing contest...sad to think i havent seen those stuff...i only see the stage play of the radio station...and it was nice...but hey!i recall i also see the wacky duo and hahahah super funny...they were also part of the stage play...

Its FIESTA!oh!i cant be there in the morning cause im working that time...the only time available for me to stroll is by after work i hurried home...when i arrive oh people were kinda drunk already hahahha oh thirst! and my cousins were waiting for me to arrive,but im we eat...we had a lot of fun after that we had to enjoy singing while waiting for the time to party...its called DISCO in our place...a paryt for young when the clock strikes 10 pm...we go outside and we hurried to the disco...its a walking distance to our house anyways...people were already scattered outside...merry making,smiling faces...and so we go inside the disco first were having so much fun...

i think not almost 1 hour when we go inside there were chaos inside already so we hurried to get out...oh my!i regret y i go inside...hahhaha its not worth it...but i had fun when we get out WHY? cause we just go home and we sleep 4 am n d morning were just at home with my mama and papa with my brother and his friends...and my cousins...still even if the disco aint worth the go we are safe thats the first stop...^^

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