Thursday, March 31, 2011 my dreams only...

Hmmp...i dont know how to explain what im feeling right now...and i dont know how i will handle to say what I've learn in myself to the person who showed me love...its hard but i know that i love with who i am today...i love being single...i love myself...i want to break that boundaries of mine and take that risk to experience that happiness I've been longing for such a long time...i wanna travel the world...i want to travel and meet bunch of people and see how beautiful world is...but i think i cant do this as of now...but i will strive hard to get to france...after that haha i bet i better face my lovelife...cause for sure by that time im secured (and old...hahahahaha) and i know who am i...i know myself family is good and maybe that time...i can merely see who will be the man last standing before me...and will say "HEY!IM HERE IN FRONT OF YOU...AND I'VE WAITED FOR YOU IN SUCH A LONG TIME & I LOVE YOU THATS WHY IM HERE...THE MAN WHO NEVER GET BORED ON WAITING FOR YOU & THE MAN WHO NEVER STOP LOVING YOU"...KORNEY!!!!hahahah but yah this is my weird side saying this whole lot of OA stuff about my dream love...hehe im so loveless...s*! but im happy...very much happy...i just wish the man who loves me today wont grow tired on waiting and will still hold on haha but i guess only "crazy" person would wait for me...well well well im not the only girl in the world ....hahahhaha so the ending..i still dont know...i will let God write my own love you find it nice?if not it's ok...cause for me i do think it is nice hehe

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