Friday, July 22, 2011

funny messages my cousin send me last night "JEFFERSON RAPADA"

For a long time i havent posted on blog,and then for this week i posted a lil'some,well right now i really dont know whats going on in my head,i may sound crazy but i really dont know...i have this expression
"HAHAIZ >.<"

Sometimes im easily piss off unto something or even to someone,my patience is so vulnerable right now,in my head its always been there 'WHATS WRONG WITH ME?' goodness!i've been asking this question for quite a long time...i think for a 100 years of my existence hahahha KIDDING!  well,i decided to find new topic about my self to post,so last night as i was texting with my cousin his name is ...JEFFERSON  RAPADA...i ask him if he can send me funny messages so he send me some of his precious phone messages u can read it after the break hahhaha im sooooooo out of the world right now

"Always remember,no matter how bad you are not useless,you can always be used as a....BAD example..." hahahha

"Juan : bag-o lagi ug pental imong atop?"
"Pedro : mao nay advice ni Fr. Jose sa misa gahapon "
"Juan : unsa diay gisulte?"
"Pedro : REPENT your SIN" hahhaha

"Driver : palihug lang bi,kadtong mga bati ug nawng kanaogi  kay naay check point sa unahan..."
...usa ka pasahero nitubag...
"unya noy,kinsa may mo drive?"plank hahahhahah

"Titser : Juan late napud ka!pirme nalang,ok pangutan-on tika, Who is our national hero?
"Juan : JOSE RIZAL mam
"Titser : char naka chamba ang bugok!
"Juan : aba,eh mam,kaila kang Petra?
"Titser : wala!ngano man?
"Juan : mao na diha!cge lang ka ug klase,kabit sa imong bana wa pa ka kaila? hahhahah " erf

"Nanay : anak,kuhae ug hasang ang isda
"Anak : W T F?
"Nanay : unsa? What The Fuck?
"Anak : dili nay oi, WHERE'S THE FISH?  hahahha lusot..."

maybe some of it you dont understand because i use our own language in our place but if you could just understand you will be bursting out laughing  just like as i am right now hhahahhaha thanks to my dear cousin,maybe this post is just to corny but i really like jokes and funny ones ahhahah i easily get tickled...

Its nice to laugh with someone and share your happiness with hahhahah now im becoming emo again well back to the game i wont spoil my day...just forget the problems and life's drama concentrate hahahha focus focus focus....^_^

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