Wednesday, July 27, 2011

mind boggling

    Actually i have written something before this line,but then i erase it,i just dont know what to write,and guess how many times i erase whats been written in my blog post,oh my its like a hundred times before something pops out in my mind guess what...

    NOTHING AT  ALL,yah nothing so important. you know what im so tired, if i could i want to scream 'FREEZE! LET ME BREATH FOR A SECOND!' im so stressed maybe all of the things just came popping and im having a lot of awful times,i just cant move along,i jsut dont soo sleepy, my head is aching, i feel uneasy, my vision is blurred, seems like everything is mixed yp, and so i feel i dont have an energy anymore. I cant even move my arms to write,but i insist,i wanna out my feelings,at least in here i know no one says THAT THIS questions me WHAT HOW WHY im just so pissed off right now i cant even think directly i just dont know if i can bear with this and for how long can i stand.

    Someone makes me strive and get up,its God, its true because when i feel down and no one there to even sit beside me for a second when i look up when i look back its always Him whom i always keep blocking my way and tells me HEY!YOU CAN DO IT,THEY CAN SO YOU DO ALSO.

    I feel crazy about little things   in my life,i feel weird about myself, i know myself better now, but i just cant help it to feel awkward sometimes cause i know I've been too harsh on my close friend, im selfish cause i let him know im so totally angry with him,and i dont let him know the reason i just erase him in my life right away, i feel sorry for myself cause as i was walking down my life when i look back i dont see someone for me,its a very lonely path i was walking i did not give myself a chance to try those things. I dont have regrets of what i had decided but there is only one thing i do regret about,its my decision to watch how amazing the world is, if only i let them go with me maybe they will appreciate and they will be happy also of how i see the horizon and how i am amazed with what i saw, the only thing is there is no one want to hold my hand and come with me, and feel my adrenaline rush too, they just simply neglect what i want to offer,now i fel better writing these things, i dont know what would be the outcome of this post but at least i let my burden out for a minute i was typing,im writing stuff thats been popping my head and the emotions i was feeling at this very moment, hopefully one of this days i will bump to someone who is just like PRINCE/the person in the picture. he makes me special when i look at his sincerity every time i look at him smile i picture out myself. i just wanna say:
                                                   IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE

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