Friday, July 22, 2011

i live my life as i want it to be

" its really nice to walk unto life without hassle,i dont mean anything when i say hassle,it simply just I WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE TO THE FULLEST... if im single until now well  its my choice so i cant blame other persons on my emptiness and so i cant point finger unto someone because im alone and single,for me it doesn't matter WHY? because as i choose these life to walk through i am very blessed for what i experience,how i see the world that i say very awesome and so perfect and how i enjoy the life God has given me. I dont have regrets because i get tp see the flip side of the reality that other people didn't see,now i feel better cause to the people i love i know they love me with my imperfection and i know wont turn their back at me.

I thank my mama,she takes care of me even if im too old to be taken cared of,yes!im too dependent on her to the point i cant eat if its not her work,i cant sleep if i cant bully her,i cant sleep if i dont know where she is , i cant do anything thats been messing up and shes the one who takes the burden to clean up my mess,its not im making my mama do all this things but she willingly do it and this is the reason why im so dependent on her i cant even cook my own food,i'll burn them hahhahah  she really makes it to the point that me and my brother wont do anything if shes not around were so dependent on her,she was my angel i know i've let her down for some reason thats why as i was growing up and fulfilling my dreams now i make it to the point shes included in everything i do,everything i've wanted to and everything that will happen to my life i want to pay back the hard work and the love my mama was showing me,i cant live without her...i cant live without my father they both make me a person...even if im alone,thingking of them makes me smile cause i know im single yet i have them and i got a chance to glance every time i want at them...
Life is too short to be wasted to people who will turn their back at u,not enough and also torn u into pieces.much more pound u as if nothing will be left to you...very strong words, but so true,none of us people would admit what i say,but we all know we are all ungrateful person,because we are all not perfect its just we should be more loyal,honest,lovable,and more likely a God fearing person...i hope i gotta live my life without regrets...

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