Tuesday, August 2, 2011


My fingers are ticking...click click click click...erase erase erase...then click click click...until i am writing this sentence...dont know where it will lead but i know there is something missing in my life,now i can say it than before i was confused,taking the blame,just the typical me feeling my blues in life...and then till i found out the worst realization that slapped into my face...oh yeah very worst and very sad...people dont have the problem its me...i do have the problem within me,i realize this before but the deepest part of that realization i didnt know now i do.
Its kinda sad to think that the person i was hating is none other than myself...i hate the me cause im so mean to people,i ignore their feelings towards me and i ignore those people who treats me well,cause i was blinded and i just dont want to,now that i feel theirs no onw left for me when i need someone to  talk to its because i pushed them away from me,,i dont know if i can have their forgiveness again,i know i didnt do anything to harm those people but i know the damn pain ive caused to them when i ignore them. 
All i need is understanding but i realize i was more damn foolish to ignore them and even me i didnt understand them on the other way.

Im taking my own medicine for that,well its kinda heart breaking but i need to face this i cant turn back time,i dont regret anything i am just feeling sorry for my self selfishness hahahah so sad 

                                                                                                                    CHERIE ANN LINES

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