Tuesday, March 29, 2011

...chit chat with my close friend

...well well well its morning again...and its been days since i posted here...kasi naman...busy sa work...but i always take my time staring at my blog post...hahah thats all,i just stare at it...until such day...i talked to someone i knew...a family friend of ours...i told him and ask why i did not see his gf...he laughed he told me..."ur busy working and if Sunday u always in ur room ur such a sleepyhead haha"...i told him back "i wanna see her,ur gf is the only one i did not see noh!hehe" and in an instant something goes popping in my head...so i let it out and told him so creepy words from mine...hahah "u know what i now realize how lonely to be alone and single..." and my friend laugh and then told me..."i think ur the only woman left in our place not yet going into relationship and ur good being single,u dont get along with todays trend cause u know todays generation were not that pretty good at all,girls do forgot what a real woman is...thanks God ur good" then we laugh...
...Then i did not notice we already arrived in the road,then i waited a car,cause im on my way to the office that day...hehehe thanks im not late...the chit chat was good...it feels good...really it was...


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  2. thank you,i hope you did enjoy reading something from me,and looking forward to know you also...godspeed KUHUROBE


Thank you for the drop by...ciao fella ^^