Friday, October 21, 2011

CREEPY - PART III the epic fall

actually im feeling ecstatic right of my client bashed me on the phone... how sad  T_T
shes so silly, its not my fault in the first place, she shouldn't nag to someone if she even know both of us hasn't the problem... i wanna screw that womans mouth grrrrrrr this has been second from today, im shaking from tiptoe to my fingertips... i cant even directly answer the question their making me sick... they should know im not the one who is en charge unto that, the thing is the upper management rules are not quite effective, i just dont want to be bashed out in the phone, it really makes me depressing... *sigh*

if i had only 100 years to live... i will sure that everyday is a worthy day of existence, that in a little way, i can help, i can work, i can spend time with my family, spend time with close friends, let people happy, and probably i want to see God in my last day walking on earth... i wanna share to others how God reminds me to open my soul rather than my eyes...listen through heart not just my ears...speak with wisdom not just tongue...and use my feeling of sense rather than just the heart... it sounds difficult , though that should be people must live within... cause that makes me happy all the time. there's no need for us to be lying down with money just to become happy, like i always say : there's more to life than that...God creation is one of the miracle we are living with everyday... those who think they are as high as the universe are so useless one...look at all those low profile people, their happiness are genuine compare to those rich people who limit their happiness... i agree that Money matters so much with our everyday dwelling but...because of that pathetic thoughts of us people we dont enjoy the real happiness life has to offer us because we think and do too much... as i believe , too much water will spill out, once it does it will shake the basin and sometimes it makes it weak then collapse...worst is to be destroyed... for me the word love is just a word, just like when you repeat it more often it will sounds like LOVELOVELOVELOVEVLAVLAVLAVLABLAHBLAH see? hehe its not a hypothesis , its somehow a fact  to me... i dont want to be a spoiler because as a person i also love someone... but if you are really one of my reader throughout my life, you would have already known that when it comes to love... i had this rare impression and understanding when it comes to this one of a kind feeling... and i will say it again...
For me LOVE has more deeper meaning than loving someone... its the feeling that someone feels for the people they care about, it doesnt mean, you like someone to be your partner when you say you love the person... it has to be more then love... that is what im trying to seek to someone, when it comes to love... love sometimes is the reason why others hurt, they say, you wont understand the hurt if you wont experience it, but for me its different, why need to be hurt when you deserve to be happy? i just dont get the logic about what other people think about this stuff but i dont mind it at all... its not my cup of tea... there are only few people whom i love the most... : my best and music...specially God who never get tired listening to my life blues... we all have our flaws in life... i've said it back then so iwont elaborate things more deeper... ^^

if i got to live a 100 years as i have said, i will spend it to be more happy than being lonely(who wants to be lonely anyway ^^)... then love each day to live... eat more... laugh more... and  be more approachable than before...

i may sound awkward now because of the things i have said earlier but its real... i cant even think of anything that comes from my heart to write here... this may be the ending of my CREEPY part post...^^ im excited for Halloween...excited cause i know i can sleep whole day... knowing me hehe ^^ im such a sleepy head... sounds creepy but thats me sweetie ^^ 

just love to live life healthy and happy...Godbless creepiness...

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