Thursday, October 27, 2011


Just when i thought that i was all by myself living a healthy and a happy life, i was hound by something from the past... its all started when i open my Facebook today, there is a person whom i never thought of sending me an annoying message , well...he just did! and Prince saw it... im just too upset that why cant i go on with my life without the shadow of that person... i never been into a relationship before... because i believe theres no one made me feel breathless haha im so crazy but kidding aside i just did it! i've over come my fear that this person might ruined everything i put up with... i just wanna ask if what is that person wants? i never owe anything from that bullshit... just a jerk that keeps on barking...its just pissing me off the board... 

theres nothing much to say about this person, well... on the light side if you remember fro my previous post, i mentioned a friend...a best friend indeed... i think, i got her wrong and misunderstood her the last time... thats me, i think i was wrong this time, its not her anymore... but were ok, i reach out to her and had a bonding even if its been a long time, feels like were still the same, the thing is ...she had her family now, but still im amaze on how she handles her life today, because as for me i really cant still imagine my life having mine to attend to... there's been a lot of things and goals i was focused from on till now... im so happy for her cause i can see she's happy with her lie and to her baby, hopefully the christening will be next year on Sinulog, hopefully...  im kinda excited about it... 
wanna share some stuff here, hope you enjoy...^^ 


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