Monday, January 9, 2012


"I really miss writing...aigoo! its been a couple of days...even if i wanted to write but i cant skip from my hectic paper works,specially the last days of the year last week...need to pass everything before the year ends and the office takes it break for holidays,but i managed to post some of the events, but not that sensible i guess ^^ i was very drained from hectic from work and from events to events of the family...and i promise to write a follow up to catch up on everything but i think i cant ^^ theres been tons of happenings if i were to write everything i guess it will took me couple of days...but even if i didn't write anything, it doesn't mean i never been updated to my fav. blogs update,everyday i always read their post, its kinda irritating, cause i really wanna write something or comment on their post but i cant drag my self on typing, cause i need to read and type my i suited my self on JUST READING everything...but i decided to just take a break for a while,since im almost done with my quarter accounting haha im so excited... ^^ "

everything is in fast motion...the things and stuffs people wanted for themselves and to for their love ones are one by one taken. i was happy from the minute strikes 12 am which tells me its a new year, a new chapter of my life, a new horizon to venture and so much more. its been a good start...even if it means i am so hectic since i got back from the holidays, well, its all worth it... its still not sinking to me... maybe because every week theres a reason to celebrate...last sunday, ive got my hair cut already...ive been wanting this for a very long time,since it grown longer for quite some so happy , i wanted to share some pictures and maybe in the future ill have it here...

yesterday i was bumped into an old pal,a colleague...i dont know whats with the question...HI!HOW ARE YOU?HMMM LET ME GUESS ,DO YOU HAVE A BOYFRIEND? and i naively said, NO I STILL DONT HAVE...i dont know whats with my answer,that after i said it,i was sad inside...haha weird, maybe this is the vulnerability ORANGE just said days ago...maybe my mind is too occupied by work and stuffs like that...the only thing that i have in my mind is the post he wrote...a friend also send me a message,talking about his love-life, i was happy for them,then he ask me again about the relationship thing, haha its making me annoyed at some point...why cant they accept the fact that i dont have a boyfriend yet...i dont take it as a laughingstock  when it comes to that matter,i dont feel sultry at all, but i just want them to stop asking nonsense haha maybe they were just concern but i really wanted to stay single for now,maybe in the near future ill accept suitors hahaha kidding! but yeah,im such a busy body...i dont know if i can handle relationships well...since they said there is no formula needed ok i'll take the risk but maybe now is not the right time...for now, the one i was really into is really comforts me...hmmmm i love pizza anyway...

anyways,we all have reasons for everything...i maybe thinking a lot of stuffs lately...for ow,this will do...i'll just post something more reasonable and meaningful the next time my soul touches my keyboard...
i hope by that time, there will still someone who reads and appreciates whats writen,i do also have some things to settle before the week ends...i didnt knew it will be ths tough,though i already prepared for this...haha wanna know what it is?hmmmm, guess until i post next time...^^

im happy also to my friend JO ive been amaze by her journey,she might not write everyday but every time she does i can feel her happiness on her write ups, shes an amazing woman an a person, we may differ on our culture,our beliefs but shes just so cool to be friend with me, maybe im just to overwhelmed by her adventures in life...that is i often mention her on my post...shes my first friend here and i was excited by her tattoo...and yeah, the ink was really nice at here back,aside from it,i like the significance of the design to her life... she might not an ordinary girl in our phase but i like her first impression to my vain i decide to make another and use her chosen design for that friend if youre reading this i want you to wait for a couple days so i can finish it ...

this has been part of my ego telling HURRY UP!GO! and DO IT WELL! ^^ i really hope i can do this...  i wanna finish everything today so i can get back on blogging...ciao my friend... till tomorrow... i hope you all do good....


  1. well.. what is important is that you're happy. There's definitely nothing wrong with being single.:) enjoy!

  2. wow! what can i say?...its my pleasure that you've drop a time to comment on my blog...thank you!
    yeah, exactly!im so happy,maybe people just have too complicated stuffs in mind...^^ those questions are okay and find with me,i get used to that already...

  3. nahiya naman ako, hahaha. Talagang blog ko lang ang post ko ang may kasalalanan. haha.

    I have friends like that, people who insist me to meet someone, do certain things, and the likes. Relatives also keeps on asking me when will i get married.

    What the cool thing is, I am surrounded by people who understands who I am and what I am capable of. They know my priorities, they know what I will and will not do.

    Sometimes nga they just dont bother na. kasi they know i am fine. Vulnerable, but fine. hahaha. :)

  4. ahahahah you they just wanna ask things like that since they can never be single as happy like us, though...^^ they wont never understand since they use their eyes just for looking...

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Thank you for the drop by...ciao fella ^^