Sunday, January 1, 2012


its been a busy train since saturday morning till evening...everyone is busy doing their thing to prepare for the new year...from going to the mall to buy everything for the food and gifts for the new year, to nights partying and welcoming new year, to celebrating it...oh man! its so tiring but still ITS ALL WORTH IT! i dont have sleep for 2 after 12...we have a party at my lolo's house after 12midnight in our house with the family...then we sing out our lungs out until morning on jan.1... as 12 strikes all you can hear is the noise coming everywhere,honking horns, the torotot thing, the loud cheer of people, fireworks...sad i haven't captured our fireworks that night, i totally forgot! goodness...^^ its because i was busy watching on the time, jumping a lot, and laughing a lot...i was like hey momma why are you so excited it isnt 12 yet...then she said no you're the one whose excited here haha then i was panicking when 4 minutes left...i am very happy when i see my momma's papa's excitement to light the brotha's coolness every time he light and throw the firecrackers... for me that night was one of the epic scene a new year we family was very light...we enjoy our food,and im so full...i am happy happy happy...much to say...much to thank...and i was full of love to them...we enjoy the night with the four of us...yet were so happy...i really cant stop saying I AM HAPPY! yeah...its very regal for me...

before the new year, while waiting for the mass at 10 pm, in our lolo's house,my auntie invited one of the most popular local band in Cebu, and i was so tired but  when my uncle told me about then, i was re-charged...i jump from my bed, not realizing i was just wearing a short, so when i go to lolo's house,i am so embarrassed hahah oh yeah, i blushed a bit, i was freaking out! its Phylum! and oh my i change clothes then party after with them,they started singing, and my other cousins were dancing dancing dancing the whole time,requesting songs,taking pictures of the band,but i haven't have one,im shy...^^ i was jsut dancing and my papa is laughing at me,my kuya is saying hey come on!have a picture with them,and i was,later nalang... it was really a fun night though...but i need to attend the mass,so i left, but my cousins didnt bother to go,they choose enjoyment than going to church haha so when i was on the church the whole time they were partying with the band,when i got back, they already preparing to leave...oh how sad... i am disappointed haha ^^ they packed up cause some of their members were very drunk already...some vomiting on sides already...hahah i was like this "THATS WHAT YOU GET,why kasi you drink a lot of that!" I WAS REFERRING TO THE BEER...its a pity! but really i did really enjoy...i freak out! and i was stunned by the vocalist voice...after they left,me and my brother with our cousins just having fun,singing, till morning...but i left 4 am cause i was really tired already...but damnit i cant sleep , but really tried to close my eyes,cause i know i need to travel to my other lolo's house again! to watch the sinulog festival,it was fun also...ive slept for a couple of hours, but receive a call from my tita,asking where am i cause its almost 8 and i need to catch the bus,when i get up,i watch my face on the mirror...i know theres something wrong! yaiks! my eye bags were very i put on my shades, bring the stuffs for my lolo,but i forgot my gifts for them...haha i was a total zombie,while on the bus i wanted to get some sleep,but i just cant...when i arrive my granny was very happy, then we watch the sinulog...i really want to enjoy and have fun with my cousins and tita yesterday but my body is really tired i think cause whatever i do to lift my energy theres really nothing to exert ^^  but still managed to walk a distance, smile to people...i didnt finish the parade,i ask my tita to go home so i can have my trip way home as early as i can...cause im thinking i need to rest , i still need to get up early for work today...i think theres a lot to say for the whole 2 days of gasping...but really need to work and need to pile up tons of i can post a decent one later... pretty much look like a zombie today...^^ ...happy new year guys!


  1. Same here, I was having a hard time adjusting to the schedule of the holidays. Sometimes, though I know i still have the will power to do things, my body is the one giving up. Well, it just happen once a year. Happy New Year.

  2. yeah,youre right orange...i hope everyone of us will have a fruitful year...lets all look forward on that...
    and thank you for always dropping by here at my page...
    ur workaholic also! hehe


Thank you for the drop by...ciao fella ^^