Thursday, January 19, 2012


“Nothing is ever lost nor can be lost; the body aged, sluggish,cold.... the embers left from earlier fires shall dully flame again”
― Nicholas SparksThe Notebook

im currently still working on uploading my other pictures from sinulog but guess,i need to post it here even if its not that good,cause some pictures have poor quality...

me and my friends plan to meet up at the pharmacy where we will took the cab to the city at 12 noon!sharp... but seems like i was being teased by the moment... my cousin Mikah was planing to go with me,and take note...she never said anything at all the night i ddint manage time for her,the problem is its 10 something and almost 11 and i need to take a bath while my phone is ringing the hell many times,t'was all my classmates asking if im ready...and so, my temper was really getting the sign of red alert already...i really feel sorry for my cosuin...(i will tell you later on the post what did i do to her...) ...back from where i am... when im done, i tell her to prepare cause were going...we will be going ahead from my classmates and meet up with them at the other stop over since we still need to go to Mika's house so she can change clothes,the thing is!!! she should have go ahead and waited for me,on that we can prepare well, and i wont forgot all my things before leaving our house... and since im already pissed off by the thoughts the time was screwed up already cause its 11:30 something and my phone was keep on ringing...i almost throw it away...^^ hehe before i leave the house,my father was there,with my aunt,granpa,and my momma also...knowing me, i was really used to say goodbye first before when i notice my momma was not there i was then again pissed off,then i just keep on sighing on the gate...and walk in and out of the house...and really my face are unimaginable... i really hate waiting...and most of all LATE! i keep on asking my father if where momma was,then they were all quite since im almost teary eyed.....yeah...thats me when really angry...i am such a cry baby...whenever i get mad...and taaanaaanaaa!!! momma is back and then they all shout! THERE!!!! ola! i get up and said I WILL GO NOW!!!i bid goodbye,then without saying anything to Mikah,she's just staring at me the whole time at the cab,then i was telling my friends that i will be going ahead and i will wait for them12:30 when Mikah ready already,i was really irritated cause i notice i left my sanitizer and everything...thank goodness i have my face towel, knowing we have to go to Sinulog the heat is really on fire,so we should have prepared everything and i always have something to clean my hands...i ask her if she had her's she also said she left it...worst of bad luck hasnt ended there..
its lamost 1:30 pm and still my classmates are not yet at the place,and i was pretty damn eating the smoke from the vehicle, and at last when they arrived we took a ride,and boom! weve took the route we think we can pass easily...the worst thing!!!! the crowd was jam pack...its SINULOG,what can we expect...but thats not the worst im saying, when we are going to pass the ally, the crowd started to panic when artists floats are beginning to pass on our way,there is a crowd control,so the part where we were walking suddenly get into dense,squeeze every people on that area...when I saw a way out,i directly pass over the ally, the thing was...Mikah who never let go of me...was the only one who go with me, the rest...LOST!!!!! yeah, so im very angry now, because i think Mikah was my bad luck that day hahaha ^^ (this is it) ...i was now very quite, then she ask me if we should look or call them, and i told her "how?you said you nail an eye to them,why lost now?call them?you knew already there's no signal on Sinulog route come can you reach them?use your head..." yeah, i really scold her that time,and i feel sorry for her cause shes just being quite whenever i spoke...i really dont get mad easily,and when i get mad,i dont say something but that time,im really pissed off of what had happen,its not because the others were lost,cause we will surely see each other atthe jsut really upset,cause one of us that time dont know the place of the city,i was afraid he might get lost...and knowing the siganl was did at the sinulog area...the signal will be back at 9 pm...oh yeah,imagine that...but still the bad curse hasn't yet to come... 
 i decided to go ahead since i think my friends will be taking the same destination too...we better get moving,when we pass there i got a message,so the area where im standing has signal,so i stop and stayed there even if im dying with the heat...and so,they tell me that they were in-front of the Jolibee so Mikah volunteer herself to go look for them,then i said better come back even if she doesn't see them,im afraid she might get lost too...and so,she came back w/o any this i was already throwing tantrums now,im almost teary eyed when i feel my shoes is flapping ^^ yeah...the worst was my shoes sole was torn...and i cant even take a walk im really embarrased...i dont care about the just concern on how can i walk the whole way barefooted?... Mikah was cheering me up,she told me that we'll just buy shoes when we pass the mall...the mall? like a 20 minutes walk...oh goodness...she think of a soulution i should walk slowly...slowly? at that time where all you can do is insert yourself to jampacked people on streets where only inch of air can pass...yeah thats how Sinulog scenario cant pass roads with space to walk shoes got torn cause a foreigner step on it...and i cant yell at him cause he already pass me and the crowd is pushing us forward... oh my life!!! until!!! Mikah saw slippers for sale beside the road...where floats are passing by,while Mikah was busy waving her hand to kapamilya artist and gma artist i was busy looking for a slipper...when i got one,i feel relieve now...and we go to the church ,we pass the 2 hour long walk...and reach at the basilica de Sto.Nino around 4:48 pm...and i buy soem candles,we also attend the mass since its just started when we arrive,and still were waiting for my friends to arrive...when we transfer a spot,Mikah step on my slipper,again i just give her an evil look and sigh...i hold her and ask if shes hungry already...hahaha i know i was really hard on her that time,after i gave her money to but food,i say sorry to her...i feel okay after ive ate what she just really hungry and that time,since we walk the whole way through the crowd,the pushing and tight way out and im using slipper i feel already the side of my feel was swelling and its almost hurting me...oh that day!!!! i also got bruise in my arms...haha but still its all worth it when i attend the mass,and saw my classmates, after we go to the dome to watch the fireworks after the announcement of winners...while waiting we had food and a lot of soda,we all were very thirsty... and hungry...then we took pictures... we were really crazy that day... and they were making fun at me,hahah cause Mikah told them what happen to me...we also have pictures from the dancers...from the floats but sadly we havent get the Higante's pictures...they were all awesome...very sky high tall and very nice...

one of the backdrops

i was really sleepy here...

were all wearing slippers now


  1. Aww.. SINULOG!! May plano sana akong pumunta ng Cebu para mawitness to, kaso hindi natuloy! kakainis nga..

    Fun Fun Fun sa SInulog! Woot woot! :D

  2. yeah its really fun...more over,people experience Sinulog will be blessed... hope you can come the next year


Thank you for the drop by...ciao fella ^^