Wednesday, January 11, 2012


people sometimes say,wish they were a child back then skinned knees and maybe young enough to burden life's chaotic struggles. one way or another...all i know everything should be balance... the me right now is going like this... "hmmmm take a deep breath!raise my palms on the air,feels the warmth on my face while resting my elbow on my table..." thats my routine everyday when i tired my hand from typing or whatever stuffs im doing in front of my computer.... you know that i really love watching movies or series,but not that fanatic on our own... sometimes im greedy when it comes to my favorites , yeah, i dont share it to others, its like my secret and once i love it,it became part of me... though years gone that pass, i still search ways to find it and watch it... so maybe thats the reason why im so peculiar when it comes to movies, plays and series... i love foreign ones... its unpredictable, and aigoo! their stories aint shit that you've sen before, they always have something to touch viewers, lessons always there,but the heart's not always present on a project... i can say,with all the movies and series in our country,only a few that sticks to my memory... we have good talents but they focus a lot of stuff, what i love about foreign is that when they got talent, they not just give it a shot but take the risk not just risking but they worked hard,and really stick to their strength so they can develop more from what they lack. we do have different views about it, i wanna say something more but i better keep it myself, its respecting my nationalistic im done with my papers,ive watch again a series...yeah,its foreign... i love it,it gives justice to the story. when i plan to watch something, first i read the story ^^ im a cheater! this one that i just said earlier is way too cool for me, and it makes me sad,cause im done with it already, i should get a copy this weekend so that i can watch it again.  i think,this has been my 2nd favorite kdrama series that ive fallen into loving it. one of these days i will post it three top  favorite series on taiwan and korea. im really not a fan of kdramas,but since i really wanna see the one im telling now,i give it a try and tada! awesome! i was blown away...

this week,is special to all of us cebuanos...we'll be celebrating SINULOG ' i wish it wont rain this sunday,the weather forecaster said it'll rain,and speaking of does rain this morning! that ended me up wearing flipflop and had my shoes on my bag,that makes it heavy ^^ my oh my,its really messy outside the house,muddy way to the road,haist stress out *sigh... but its fine,what pisses me off is that when i took the cab on my way to the office, the rain had stop, and i was like a wet baby chick haha i pity myself this morning...what a day! my life!!!!
back to the topic, im hanging out with my friends this sunday,we'll watch the mardigras, see old faces again,yay! im excited as much as they you all know that i was really busy on work,almost 2 weeks, so when i got home, i barely touch my phone, i cant reply to their messages asking are we all coming...and since im done with my papers, im really happy to announce that guys!yeah im coming... haha see you all, i wont get tired with you all around!  sinulog is very festive for me, got to see the solemn side of the cebuanos, cheerful faces, friendly people around waking at the city scapes...and i gotta had this chance to see my friends also... break from work...  next week will be chaotic for me, but before i stress out my self on that, ill take this opportunity to have a break for a while...

on the side note, its my birthday on the last week of the month... i really do feel im getting old and i feel this blues again...hahahah we'll talk about it next time, for sure i;ll have to write long enough...for now, im going to read and visit my blogger friends post, i miss reading and commenting on their work,since i was really busy to death...^^ this has been the other side of me saying ciao and godbless us all with his guidance and grace!
fish fillet + mashed potatoes
i wonder if Orange will also love this dish, this has been the best fish fillet someone could whooped down ^^ hehe this plater is for my friend orange...start eating your's too...^^

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