Wednesday, January 4, 2012


this may be a late post...its because after the holidays tons of work awaits me on the office... now,i still have to deal with pile of papers to be far from done...whenever i had the extra time to stop my work for a while then hang my self to my fav. bloggers pages, read their post, then back to work...then again...

im thinking lots of thankful enough that there are people also who read my post,whom i think just all about my boring self...^^ and i cant afford to lose the chance on reading their post somehow boost my energy, strive more...kind'a weird sometimes cause i barely knew this people, but i cant stop talking about them...(just like now)...their busy buddy also but still manage to post and write sensible ones...haha i was like this all the time "IM GRATEFUL IM A BLOGGER and know them..." proud huh...☻ i dont see my blogging hobby this way before... cheers! 

on the other side of the gonna make a list...i was thinking for days to what will be the contents of this list...actually i wanna make my statement more longer, i dont know how to cut this short haha ^^ kidding.. 
  • what about my PRIDE? well,i think everyone of us does have this within ourselves. instances really do come, that i dont notice its really comes out...but i ask and examine myself too about this, im not really a disdainful person, i know im tough but im not a proud monster ^^ also pride will only take you NOWHERE,ever since my papa taught me to be humble,so im thankful,last year im able to stay away from this sinful act,they say, im fierce but not arrogant...they also added that im sober at times i need to panic(off topic ^^ ) 
  • if im humble,what can i say about WRATH? ... i do easily get mad,but never i turned it to anyone,i know my temper is uncontrollable, but since i started my job, i learned how to separate personal aspects from professional one's, i know i deal different kinds of people, but still it isn't an excuse to burst out, i can say...I MAN UP! i was so happy when i know i was able to cool down my temper...i do handle myself on the right attitude,myself. moreover,i really dont like arguing to anybody...if im pissed off,i just listen to music,eat, read, or watch anything to cool myself down...arguing is just a waste of time...^^ 
  • what do i understand about someone's LUST? to person like me,who see love, respect, honesty, sex and religion as sacred as i see and taught of, theres only thing i know, that nowadays theres only a few who are devoted to sacredness, maybe i live in the modern world...walk in life full of tempts, on t.v or anywhere where theres an opportunity to outgrew this devilish act..when youre in a bunch of friends and most of them,you knew adopted the modern values within them,you dont have to feel an outcast, i will i wouldn't know,im one of those hear them talk stuffs you havent experience, tease you to why such a bomber, ask you things ungodly,and tempt to be like them, but! i know,were the masters of our faith, now, i can walk with my head so high,not to be arrogant,but im proud of a virgin? HELL YEAH!I AM...i always say to my self, "dont feel an outcast,be proud, i can always be like them,if i wanted too...but they can never be a virgin just like me...haha ^^ " my friends are innocent and naive before, but time really changes people if they think shallow enough...yeah,lets say they are successful but they dont have values,man!wheres Dignity on that? i can say lots to them, but i prefer not too,they are my friends and i dont have the right to judge them,there good but maybe time just really changes them,their high profile living and the people around them...i also have flaws so i am no position to say im correct haha ^^ so bottom line...lust is in every corner of the modern world today,and in every mind we have its up to us on how we fought the tempt...its on them,on how they traveled their way...guys and girls were all the the same...^^ 
  • am i GREEDy? no im not...ever since i was a child, i always say, im just tough and hard to please, but im not a bad girl...i always work to earn what i wanted, thats how my parents told me, if i cheat then im a quitter and you reap what you sow... i always share my blessing, and i dont complain...maybe there comes a time when i dream a luxury,its FREE to dream! but when you long for it and wanted it all by yourself when you have it,it wont'll also come to the point to betray someone because of your its not good...thank goodness i am not so like  this hahahha (mabait talaga ako)
  • am i lazy enough to be called a SLOTH? no im not! haha maybe im a sleepy homie,but im not lazy! i know my part,act upon it and rest if im done...i also dont love to see clutter! my papa always my idol on this, he always remind me to be workaholic and not be a lazy bee...i dont complain also,i am hard working ^^ please believe me...(hahaha crazy)
  • do i gulp down everything,enough to be called a GLUTTONy? i love to eat...but i always exactly as i can swallow, to have a body like mine,you can exactly say that i eat accordingly...haha but sometimes, during celebration,i eat eat cant stop me ^^ but its not often though... well,maybe im a glutton...but we are! we all are...hahah (damay damay na) seriously i just eat what i can...i also share my food to everyone...
  • do i ENVY someone? when we were little,maybe...we envy a lot of stuffs...people, events or shallow reasons to envy something...but the common act is to envy its appearance,have's and can...i will be hypocrite if i say i never envy someone...i know i envy one person before, because i never understand why...until i came to realize theres nothing to be envious cause we both are equal in the eyes of our parents...yeah,you got that right, i feel jealz with my brother before, because he was younger than me, all the attentions were on him,but now, i am more like a gum that stick to him,his bigger than me, his chubby...when you see us two, you may think his the older sibling, on the lighter side, im slim, you may think im the younger one, haha i came to my senses and conclude, all my attention were also on him,i really love my brother...his always proud that im his sister...haha also my momma and papa...they three is my everything...theres nothing to be envious on anyone or hard so you can have what you wanted, and be proud of yourself...being someone you want them to be love is hurtful...but being who you are, are the most genuine happiness you'll ever feel...
so...this enough for now...this has been the list of my 7 deadly sin...i was able to collect for the past year^^ 
if i were to grade myself...from 1 - 10 
i will have 8 on this... i am now moving forward...if i look back those previous years, it will remain on the past...god told us to work for the better... but im gonna do it with virtues and values my parents taught me...hope you do also... this is all ive got for today... i cant think of anything for the moment since im doing tons of paper..need to finish everything by friday... godbless us all... ciao! 


  1. at some point in my life, i committed a sin on the list. hahaha... its okay.

  2. my frieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend! im srry! im really out of my blog about this days, but tomorrow i will apear again. i went out for vacations and family buisnes and that kind of stuffs today i made my tattoo! so tomorrow you will see it on my blog! i hope christmas and new year where amayzing for you us it was for me! again pliss forgive me xoxo.

  3. @ORANGE : sorry for un updated blog of mine,ive been busy since the last post...but ive been reading your updates everyday,just like ive been reading sir Mots blog post also...ill try to write something tonight..."

    @dontmakethecut : hi frienf, yeah,i wont talk about the tattoo thing on your fb wall,haha but by the way did i?i think ive been talking about it on twitter m friend,ill try to watch and check out your pictures on your ramping...ive been busy since last week...i havent updated my blog friend ^^ and thank you for the updates...^^


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