Saturday, January 28, 2012


i know...more from so random today...this has been my second post before i leave my blog for a while...

so start analyzing  who are you with this two...^^ 

the LEADER : dependable , disciplined , determined... thats me... As the eldest child in the family, i tend to tkae on the role of a mini-parent or a vice president...Run the show when parents are not around...a definite panganay perk...

  • big sister act - most firstborns also bear the brunt of high parental expectations. they are expected to always do their best and set an example for their younger siblings...beacuse of this,firstborns grow up to be the sort of people who seek control...If you're the eldest just like may seek control by being a nurturing mother hen,clucking over friends and making sure they're always all right...for me this is just so okay...i grow up this may also seek positions of leadership,president of the class,head cheerleaders or whatever ranks that deals with leadership...i am the indomitable but loving ATE of the household...^^
  • the usual suspect - "ikaw ang panganay sapat sinuway mo na yang kapatid mo!" actually,i haven't heard my parents scold me like this,cooperative kasi ang brother ko...does it sound familiar? thats how the proverbial polvoron crumbles ^^ whenever any of our siblings get into trouble,all scolding signs point to you as well...parents usually expect their eldest children to exercise maturity and good decision making, sometimes to a fault... Because of this, eldest children like me occasionally fall into the trap of bullying their younger siblings,but i dont bully my brother as a coping mechanism... ^^
  • its important for me to know how to deal with my brother since im a girl...being his big sister,its a lot like wolfing down a tub of popcorn with a tub of get what i mean?...^^ you gotta learn to balance the salty with the sweet, no matter how stressful being the eldest can be, remember that you'll always be the first to have heart-melting...toe-curling...eyeball-popping, now thats ,my reward to myself...^^
the PACIFIER  - a natural diplomat and ambasador of peace, middle-borns love to smooth out the wrinkles between brothers and sisters and are as easygoing as can be...the world could use more of you out there ^^ hehe
  • Miss congeniality - if you were this type, you've spent most of your life getting your brothers and sisters out of each others hairs, so its no big surprise that you're a great people pleaser and negotiator...whether its another fight over who gets to use the bathroom first,or who has to get a glass of water for youre momma...youre a genius when it comes to transforming sibling squabbles to sibling a matter of fact, you hate confrontation...^^ and fighting and will do anything to keep the peace...oh my its me hehe
  • eternal sunshine of the spineless mind... - being eternally pleasant has its drawbacks though. since you've become so used to pleasing everybody, sometimes you forgot where to draw the line...unless you're fighting for a spot on the Phil. gymnastics team. there's no sense in bending over backwards just to make everybody happy...
  • leaving pleasantville ... learn to set your boundaries and say no when you want to... its true that you cant please everyone all the time...^^ and at the end of the day, the only person you have to please is yourself...

im the eldest...but i also have this middle child attitude... its natural...^^ i hope you are enjoying your weekends more post to go...before i leave blogosphere for a while... i love my blog... ^^ love love love... i gotta get going since im almost off from work...^^ godbless us all... ♥


  1. pacifier, na may konting leader. pwede ba un? :)

  2. Lj... haha pwede din... thank u for the comment again orange...

    Kharren...hi still writing it,busy kasi the other day...kaya part i lang muna i'll post it later...


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