Friday, December 30, 2011


its been an awesome year...a hell of a ride 2011 for all of us people from different countries...
on my world, i was so rounded by good people...whom,i consider myself blessed its justifiable and worthy if i pay some tribute to them...this is my year end post,i want this to be read by them...^^

to my taught me things i was naive and innocent before...i owe him a lot...from the life he has given me...from the lesson he continue to teach me...for being strong...yeah,im a papa's girl, maybe thats why im tough cause i am just so like you! but you often say, where does your toughness came from?that strong affirmation?that strong faith?that weird side of you?that values you have in yourself? hey, forgot? you taught all of that...your so damn strict! i even loss some happy moments on my school days cause you dont let even hit me twice when i arrive grasping to death cause im afraid i cant be home at 9 pm because of the school program...yet when i say sorry, you did say so...i was blessed to have you as my papa...your not perfect...but for me you are...i will man up thats a duty! and ill do my best to stick on it...

to my know that ive loved you...actually my brotha and i both do! haha and your freaking me out if your not in the house and theres no one to cook for us!i cant live without you...we were old enough to do all the stuff on our own, yet you spoiled us much that even me dont know how to cook for my self and throw tantrums cause i dont want to eat if you dont cook it...and to think im a big girl now! you! haha you're the suspect on that crime...thank you so much for helping me grow the person i am today... i cant imagine days without you... i can trade my life to make yours a lifetime... you know already what to know... stay healthy! 

to my one and only brotha! hey man! haha you always taught me that Life isn’t always a party... and so ever since im such a homie...and youre always the one who goes out partying... if im a homie then youre my counterpart... you see me as a good sister and im thankful on that...i am your hero and youre my hero not perfect yet your so proud of me being as your sister... all im asking dont get intimidated on me, if you want to have a girlfriend then you can have...dont worry about me, i already accept the fact its not my time hahaha kidding! but yeah... i will try my best to stay prim and proper just for you guys! just dont let me down, youre all ive got, and your the reason im working so hard... 

im so blessed to have a family like i have...if i had to live my life still would be yours i belong... you know i love you so HAPPY NEW YEAR TO US hahah im running out of words... ☻ 

to my friends... i know most people befriend you and then take part of the gaiety but when you’re caught up in a serious predicament, they’re never around.This year I realized that although it’s good to always try to see the good in people, nobody is perfect and some people will be immature and will forever try to bring others down. No matter how much you try to be good to people, you should never expect them to do the same thing to you. You can’t force people to always be positive, their attitudes & outlook in life are influenced by their upbringing. You’re in no position to judge them cos of that. 

I know I’m blessed to have tons of friends, but I’m even more blessed to have a handful that I can count on... HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!

most specially to the people im glad ive known here on blogosphere... i may a newbie on their world...but im glad ive known some of the best i think worth the writing for...who would have thought a teacher like Teacher Mots   inspires me alot of things,not to mention the rated pg thingy on his blog haha but man! his one hell of an artist... i wonder why he didnt have a degree on artistry...his amazing! words are not enough for this person...
also to this person... before im just bloghopping until i was really parking on his blog the whole day... reading his reviews to books and movies, since i also love books, his blog already catches my attention... his also a good damn of a writer... i maybe kapal ang face to say this but i really think his my friend already haha i cant help but just be amaze on his write ups about stories...and his a guy but his like me his weird,like his whole blog thing is orange...duh his name is ORANGE ^^ the orange wit 
and a lot of writers...there's Neneng kilabot where i wa so envious on how she write tagalog haha shes so funny! her blog is full of humor... also just like the the wicked mouth whom i cant stop laughing with... his so green! and one time i really cant stop laughing at the office its so embarrassing cause i ddint help it i really burst out... and lots of people thats in my blog list... those people made me write again... maybe i dont know them personally but i can feel them...i can relate to their ego's... haha they were all COOL! 

i hope i gotta chance on seeing them one of those days... and to read more from them, learn more from them and hopefully those people wont fade... im thankful ive gain more real friends here and this year... 

 It’s hard to find real friends who stick with you even through shitty times.  but these people from my family...friends and new found friends... 

love    love    love...   ♥   ♥   ♥


  1. hahaha... of course we're friends. your the 2nd person from the blogosphere who told me that I am a good writer, nakakahiya naman. hahaha! :)

    Thanks for the compliments cherie, i really dont see it coming.

    Happy New Year

  2. haha hey! whats with the humble thing? its for real naman kasi... youre always welcome!

    youve been nice to me also... haha

  3. wow. talagang nasingit pa ko.. hehe thank you mam cherie! happy new year! :)

  4. @ nening ...yeah,youre one of the people i look up to on blogosphere...not all people kasi have the same humor as you guys do have!


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