Thursday, September 29, 2011

give my soul a break ^^

Woaaah! at last im back blogging buzzing around again fella! well, i sort kinda busy with some stuffs this past dew days... i was watching this movie and i finish watching the series just this afternoon, since i got a time in the office to chill for a movie sneak peak ..hah ^^ cool it is! i got a free time cause im not that busy, im almost with all the work for a week last wed. so i did use my time to watch the movie... sorry but i cant say what is the title, you know "movies" is one of my treasures and truth to that is i haven't come up with a good idea on how i elaborate on the movies im working on that made me a lazy bum to visit and blog for something... hah ^^ 

i had all the fun with my parents and my brother when i spent the ME TIME for almost a year...yeah, its been a while since i've seen my friends because i dedicate my time after work for my family and to myself...i dont want to miss any single event my family is going through whether its too simple or complicated...

I scolded my self and bump my own head with my palm while bending at my table after i wrote something about complaining everything...
I know and i realize im just getting too emotional and too carried away by my blues in life...I didnt realize all the things i complain before was the reason why im so much full of i give my self a break and 
rewind everything...then at some point again in my life i did forgot all of this just because im having sad isn't it? hah ^^ just give yourself and soul a break for a while so you can appreciate all whats happening and whats going on with our life...dont full yourself too much or else it will spill out...

i got to taste this one since this was from Mc...and it taste it...i miss eating my favorite chocolate so i got some Chocolate drink woaaah! i could still taste it in my throat...yummmy all the way 

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