Friday, September 23, 2011

reveal some stuffs i love...dig in!

I am Cherie Ann, a woman who choose and decide to enjoy life and nature, see the world in its different dimensions, being able to be adventurous, healthy, happy, fulfilled, chase dream and gasp it, understand my existence, serve and love God, most specially living life the way i wanted to be...

those decisions i made brought me to where i am right now...regrets? NO...probably just a little lament on some things i haven't done that i should. and from that on i choose to live my life on the path i wanted for a long time, its an unending road of changes but God reminds me to always keep grounded, and thats one thing people forgot about themselves. and to be more mature on things to reckon and to be executed, i understand that as we grow old, responsibleness should the one we carry and corresponds to all the decisions we made in our every day living. 

i got to complain on how i was pressured my makes me laugh because that was way before...i feel sad, i really confine myself to my room, thinking awful things that had happened and that will happen its out of the world realization, then i got to get out on that box, cause one day as i ask Him, he answered my question...Him, who never leave me in times i was in my stage of confusion, everyone i think goes unto that stage in their life but i was so blessed that He never failed to remind me the things i should bear in mind
...thats the time i started living healthy, i listen to good music, i reflect the happiness that im feeling towards others so i started to reach out with my family, cherish the time they are with me and i am with them. 


i've said before that i've lived my life HAPPY today...its true, but we all have shadows and skeletons in our closest...i have my fears...but its nice to have a strong and optimistic personality sometimes, because it boost your confidence plus the people so-rounds you are so kind and good enough to be taken for granted.
before im so tough towards others, its really hard to softens my heart, and im so aloof...but i managed to overcome everything, i found Him when i needed Him the most and at the hours i have nothing except Him...GOD is sooo good...

-im just a girl from the shadow of candidness and aloofness now grown up to be a much more tough but soft handed, mature enough to decide stuffs, and more open in my self so i will control my confusing side haha just kidding well im just sharing things you might ask me in the sure no one reads my blog anyways...^^

i just love blogging...its my pacifier when im not in my mood...and also not to forget the food i love to eat when i feel bored and just being weird... mac'n cheese is the best spag...whhhaaat???! hehe 

who love to eat burger? haha dont drool im eating my burger  right now with my coffee , so sad i cant take a picture at my coffee the camera is taken already hahah next time i will post the shawarma......yummy
burger and chips from Mc...yummy!super love it...
this is what im talking about dude,just live life in the healthy way...^^ i want to spend my me time again...eating and strolling alone...

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