Friday, September 9, 2011

living healthy sweetie

its lunch time! take a look at my favorite goodies...they all yummy!
mac'n cheese - still taste good im so cheesy haha thanks for my sponsor

the most sinful dessert cream!

burger & fries!thankz to Mc...

see!im living healthy!vegies vegies oh my!

and so you all know that i dont have my camera , so i ask my friends to tale a shoot on every thing we're going through...thanks to her i got a chance to see my fav. in my blog, you can buy all of these healthy food on McDonald...and they can deliver it in your office or home also...just dial  86236 or just go directly to their online site...hahah im plugging,anyhow as in by the way thanks to my sponsor i got a dose of all these my loving friend...#vicentelao thumbs up!and to ate whom i borrow a camera shes in the other so vain ^^ well these are stuffs i love and i crave...ooooppppsss!dont droool ok...wheow this is taken a week ago just posted it lame was that! im not the camera owner so never mind about it...
see ya sweetie blog...more work to be done...for now im having my fav. soda ever...well, im alone and my love life are so empty but im so full when it comes to great things in my life now haha its really two different things everyone might forgot ...just LIVING HEALTHY fellas...=)

im eating mac'n cheese right now...^^
#sweetie - name of my blog
love ko to...Cherie Ann Lines

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