Friday, September 30, 2011

right swag of my taste

Exactly 84 days left before Christmas strikes the super darn excited sweetie...

so since the time zone states today in Philippines is already OCT. !'2011...its the first day of the thinking a lot of activities and goals to achieve this month...last September i've been surfing alot movies and musics that i love most to do...and i decided to share all the movies i've been busy for the past month some of the movies was old but really i watched some of those almost 3 times cause i really love those...atmost...i've fulfilles my goal for almost a year that i will stay happy and grounded as i am, to be humble enough...yeah thats true, maybe i dont live on a perfect life but all those things events people and opportunities came by to drag me to where i am right now is a whole lot of fun sweetie...^^  all the food...also taste great and worth the cost...SATISFIED! and all the time i spent going to church with my family also a blessing... to all the hurts that caused me to somehow forgot my coolness also cool enough to start a new...well, year also fast forwarding that there are 91 days and 17 hours left before we say bye to 2011...All was Worth It!

when i was winding up a week ago to sort things out that has blown out of proportion as i think of it i came up to a fact that all i've think and all i've decided for myself are not harming anybody around me, and also if it does sound a lil'bit offensive to be straight forward well, its not my fault anymore because i've never harm any body in the cycle...and thats what im proud of my self, i got to deal on keeping every decisions i've made the way it should be and the way i wanted and not ruining it...maybe im too stiff on myself, but for me thats how i set my mind and thats how i live my life to be happy...there are times i feel alone because of the fact that im single but thats not an issue...its never been anyway...

hmmm...i think my goal for this october is to post my picture here in my blog and to cut my hair...yepey! i've been looking forward to that day ever! gosh... hah ^^

today is saturday and i got this super delish! foods from Majestic Robinson's Cebu Talisay  wanna share my fav. cravings of the day...remember... "dont droll hah ^^"

chicken soup / thumbs up!
this is first put in a container and if you want to order this soup they will put it in a bowl then heat up then oooozzzing with soo much taste of heaven hah ^^ kidding !

perfect noodles for the soup
this is also part of their recipe, if you want can put this one on your soup then Olah! a yummy chicken noodle soup sweetie...^^

potatoes and the green vegies!
if you are like me who love to eat vegies well this is perfect for your cravings...potatoes and those sinful onions oh my! i dont want to spit out every single i have on all of this food...awesomeness! 

chelsea Greek salad...
oh yeah! you are not mistaken...this is also another form of veggie salad that i love aside from those leafy green salad seasoned with the violet one...this one taste good that much than the other one...

and the maccarons spag
swag is just right for this spag! yah! hah ^^ this is more bloody than the other food we order...i choose this one...than the expensive one haha im too skinflint you know i dont have that enough money still dont have my salary for the month...

if you are wondering why all that food i order are vegies a scrooge and i dont have enough money hahahha well thats the hurtful truth looking forward to an awesome weekend and for a wonderful October... muaaaah give me some

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