Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i crave the most

for this past few days i was so busy with a i decided to finish it first so i can write what i was into in my life so i can share it to i promise to write everything the next time around,for now, this is all i've got...
this are the stuffs i love and enjoy much...maybe every time i feel aloof and feel lonesome about some stuffs and person...i just eat it all i can let it go,i dont tolerate sadness anymore...theres more to life than stuck to people whom you care but doesn't gave it a damn anyways...i dont feel any resentment to people like those...or any grudge at all. Their not important at all...i just feel sorry for the wasted effort and time, its not worth regretful to myself why on earth i was bumped unto people like them,but its all well for me now...just let it e...and thank God as always for the enlightened and the guidance so we wont end up hurting too much by sooooo calllleeeedddd friends...^^ 
just live your life healthy away from those hatred,it will not cause you any good at me, i eat to be healthy hahahha love you sweetie blog...
FRENCH FRIES...for the afternoon snack

my favorite coffee...everyday i got a dose of this...

the BISCUIT from my coffee is delicious wanna have some?

my ever fav. mac'n cheese with w/ herbs hahaha 
Cherie Ann Lines

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