Friday, December 16, 2011


Angels... are mythical beings often depicted as messenger of God on the Hebrew and Christian Bible and  Quran, also ive read on a certain Christian site that Angels are pure spirits created by God...the word ANGEL comes from the Greek word "angelos" which means messenger...and they have specific given characteristics and values to elaborate more further these beings...well, iv'e come up with this because i saw the modeled manger in our church this morning that the only statue that stands in our church manger is the angel...and it was also discuss to us people in the church before the mass ended that our church committee  lacks fund for purchasing the manger that should be used during mass...before it was really a routine that the statue of the saints will be used for the manger,but the church ministers dont allow it now,cause the risk of using the real one's is maybe a hustle for them and they are just protecting and avoiding the real ones to be damaged...we just dont know what could have happen in the future...we cant be perfect anytime, eh...^^ so thats great that the administration also tell the people so that we can contribute for the manger and for the church also...
well,back to the mass, this morning it rains so hard here in Cebu...but it didnt stop me from attending the mass...3 am im very wide awake, and i started to send mms to my friends, this is really my devotion to them,i will be their alarm clock whenever they are in the country...and hopefully they are not annoyed whenever they receive my morning message...haha and i decide on this alone huh...some gave some response like 'WOAH ITS TOO EARLY!' "YOU REALLY SURE COMPLETING THE MASS HA"...
well,that cant be help... ☻

♥______________A  BOWL  OF  HAPPINESS FROM HEAVEN________________♥

please read you'll know the whole story of todays mass...☻ thank you! i put the break here cause i dont know where to put the foodie...^^ hehe yum yum yum!

and then i woke my momma and i told her i will go on if she wont get up and prepare herself,and she would hurriedly get up from bed...hahahahahah i really get bored easily waiting,so whenever we had a plan going somewhere my mother will really do her best to not make pissed off waiting, i really hate waiting and lazy actions...because its on my mind always, if you wanna do something you should always put it in your mind and always know your priorities... so im really a monster eh?...but sadly,when we got in the church,since its very early...and raining outside...people were inside the church and its very crowded inside after a couple of minutes since we arrive...the thing is...take note! the mass shoul start 4 am or almost 4 am...but we waited for the priest for almost an hour we were there 3:40 am and the mass started 5 am...super delayed, while waiting for the priest i was like...momma,im sleepy(i was not really sleepy on the church but this morning was very cold and the breeze that passes trough the church window is very chilling...) then i would say, momma,im hungry...and i was very lame doing nothing there...i almost sleep on her soon as the priest arrived,he then started the mass,and all the lameness  thats in my body burns out when he started giving the homily it was awesome! then the readings...hahha i was telling my momma, i like the priest he knows how to explain and how to do something cool,so that the people wont feel sleepy,wont feel bored listening,because we all knows oldies are very prone on sleeping book readings and homily haha if i feel my momma feels creepy i will pull some strings on her hair and she would give me that devilish eye haha just kidding! ☻ im such a prank...i really love listening homily...i can bear on the gospels...


from what the priest said to the people this morning,one thing remarkable in my mind is the value of family we should have...we should know how to give credits and the importance of our families in our lives...and its very true!... and i also learn some words from the priest...some acronyms for some funny :
Delikadz... - means Delikado...(in Cebuano or in Tagalog language its the same...)
the other one was : PLDT ... - Patakag Libak Dili Tinuod...hahahah when he say this i was really laughing my lungs out..this means (in Tagalog - Pataka is MALIng , Libak is Tsismis , Dili is Hindi , Tinuod is in other words when you translate this to tagalog it would be MALING TSISMIS HINDI naman TOTOO...) _and i hope i translate that right,haha )...maybe because i know the words will fit to some people listening and i jsut hope they will get the lesson as what father told the people... 
well i think i gotta go for now...i do still have loads of work to be from here till then...ciao fella!!! ♥♥♥
dont forget! always love love love your family....


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