Monday, December 5, 2011


even if the whole universe conspires no one can stop Christmas!
i am randomly thinking about what and where should i have my christmas list...need to purchase such a busy fella, because? is it escaping from the real world? na-ah! not that reason...i keep myself busy as i could so i wont feel the pressure being alone and maybe im over thinking stuffs that is why im sickly lately...can i just say one bad word? hhhuuuuussssshhhh damnit!
this is all i wanna say...maybe this is the first time im using this? well well well i cant help head is so full right the fact i really need to dump that damn feeling! i just knew yesterday he already have someone on his heart and im so stupid for feeling so sorry to myself! but i know i can move on from this damn so called first love...what? yeah! got that right! on my 21 years of existence in the universe...iv'e never love someone before...maybe iv'e admire guys before but its not counted because i only admire artist from Hollywood a big booooooo! to myself...  wanna trim my hair like before when im depressed because i cant go out outing with my cousins and cant attend college intramural during my junior year cause its very late already and my father is not feeling the earth vives that time and his monstrous when he say's NO!CANT GO!...

whenever i feel sad i always find myself eating ice cream...but why cant i get fatter a little bit?^^ ice cream the comforter...
i never thought im on the denial stage they said...and now i can accept that...just cant move on right away it was like a week ago and you want me to over come directly? i cant! and why i cant? because im afraid, i might totally shun l.o.v.e and m.e.n forever...because before im so tough when it comes to love stuffs and conversation... and so im such a manang...and oldie woman who never give a damn on anything about being harsh on myself now cause its the week!i will cut my hair will fall off soon...cant stop turned my anger on my hair...thats all i can do...maybe i can stop doing this if all of my hair falls off...huhu why now?why now that im trying to be more approachable? too late to do it?or too late to realize?...damn on the other side of my head it states why cant i find someone who will take care of  my damn feeling too? its weird because im not the kind of person who tackles love life...but because of my favorite blogger it urges me to write this...haha this may sound funny but i kinda loving the feeling of letting it go here...
yesterday something just happen and the reason of my happiness... but then iv'e started to accept the fact that im no good for this person...because of what he did... im pulling myself far from him and im starting it right away...and it was yesterday!yeah... i dont wanna get near with him, the idea of being with him on the same spot just him! gosh it will make my noose bleed! ^^ yeah 
yesterday he want to buy something then he ask who's going? i answered right away, me and her...both of us, dont go with us! and i dont know why i did that...haha shame on me! why cant i man up a lil'bit im such a coward...i feel embarrass with my self whenever im near him, because FORGODSAKE! feeling this towards him is a betrayal of our friendship! and i know he has someone looking forward to...i dont know what the right feeling should be felt towards about that...and i dont know how to a newbie when it comes to feelings like this...maybe because im such a looser...but i know i'll get over this soon... i'll just take a hiatus with this issue and i will be telling about something that would involve l.o.v.e if i have someone bye heartaches! hello self motivation! haha i can do this! im not Cherie Ann if i cant! 
crossing my inspired now because of what i have read this morning! inspired to start a new journey with my will be more colorful and meaningful if he knows i love him...but its better left unspoken...and i know its for the better...better for myself haha im such a dork ya know...there are also questions better left unanswered so the excitement last...overall... im glad iv'e known this glad his the one iv'e glad ive'd known myself better now, the strength and flaws iv'e had...and glad my parents raise me well...lets just pray for christmas to be more meaningful and more happiness to all the families together or not...may everyone understands the real meaning of christmas...

"spread the love and be happy! - Cherie Ann Lines"


  1. salamat sa pagdalaw. kaso sa emo post ko pa talaga ikaw tumambay ah heheh

  2. haha hiya tuloy ako...idol ko nasa blog ko din...^^ like ko kasi yung blog mo^^


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