Monday, December 19, 2011


the third and the fourth morning mass...
so far the sleepiest morning mass iv'e had was on the 3rd dawn...i just dont know first i feel very warm,seems like its not dawn,and im sweating a lot...i ask my momma to move a lil bit further cause i cannot breath...and they were all laughing cause they feel cold and i was the only one sweating like hell hahah 
and after a couple of minutes i feel better...and the mass goes well...but there's something i notice during mass...
so the fourth morning mass was this morning... 
it goes well, also...but the thing is the something i was talking about the mass is that...the choir song choices...i just dont feel, hello?!its Christmas so why dont we sang Christmas or Holy songs to praise each masses? no wonder people who attend the mass dont sang along with them, 'cause actually we dont know the songs...i was used with the old ways that during Christmas masses we sang song of holy and more lively christmas church song choices...
on my view, it only happens once in a year so why dont we give more to God, why can we choose nice songs without meaning to sang with our heart and lungs out full of nonsense...and when it comes to singing and giving praise Him for his birthday we settle for songs like its not an important event?...*sigh* 
im planning to tell my auntie to advice the choir so that they will sing christmas related praises just like what the Mnsgr. wanted and also to give respect to Him cause its his birthday not an ordinary occasion...
we have done it before why not now also?duh...really getting into my nerves a lil bit every time the priest finishes his part and so the people would sing, we dont know all the songs,and what more depressing about it is that you can really hear that the voices you can hear was them only...
i mean, the celebrant and the reason why we go to church is because of Jesus and to worship him,and give praises to Him...its not our place to shine its Him who really need the attention and needs our heads to turn to...not ourselves... thats very simple yet neglected...i was really nagging with all these stuffs and telling my momma and aunt and they agree hahah *devil smile*
and when you have these issues better to eat it all out...well, thats me when comforting myself hahahah yummy! you can order this at majestic,robinson...^^ feel free to dig it out...droll hahahahah

the cabs...lettuce + mushroom + bread + egg on top = H E A V E N baby!


  1. you're vegan?

    btw, you got mail. :)


    WOW WOW WOW !!!! thank you ng marami ORANGE WIT ha for the copy! ♥

  3. Ang sarap nung pagkain sa pix!hahha :P Saan bayang majestic robinson na yan?

  4. Robinson Cebu...^^^ if ever you'll happen to come here you can come visit their restos haha nag plug ^^


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