Wednesday, December 28, 2011

THANK YOU 2011 ♥ ♥ ♥

as people busy bidding goodbye to 2011,im on the other still reminiscing and still rewinding what i had on this year...totally sum up with an awesome happy i was blessed...with people so supportive behind me, and my family...thats the most important thing...its been a great year and hopefully i'll do more good on the coming my self,family,friends and career...i had a good life...and im glad after examining myself, ive been good...^^ as a daughter,a sister and a friend...most specially as a christian...i may lack something others do have...i always have this lesson on me, love always ...say thank you always...and say sorry always...and its so cool cause i know i was able to share that to people around so happy hahah im not hard to please though...^^

for quite sometimes,i forgot my music and my passion...i am forgiven by this crime...due to schedule and too much of being so workaholic...i was not coping too much to the music scene...i miss them...the adrenaline rush to my veins whenever i put that ear piece on ma'ear...browsing the page of my idols...acting like one of them...singing my lungs out...and putting up a mini concert on my room...i miss the ME TIME iv'e lost this year...its been my medicine throughout my life...and it was painful to see the music scene today...they call someone a singer even if they cant sing,o'cmon! i hate to hear and see them blabbing about albums they brag us to buy cause its cool...haha how sad the music scene was evaded by those people... auto-tune people...^^  maybe i am so familiar with foreign bands that i often compare them to what our local bands nowadays... Filipino music scene is undoubtedly awesome but the local scene lost their originality...most of the singers are reviving the foreign ones...and when it comes to bands...goodness they are dying man!like...hey wheres is our local band spirit?you can sing better than those foreign ban guys! make some noise...somehow, we partly to be blame, dont lie, we tend to choose foreign ones then our own...maybe because its easily to understand and more meaningful, and this is what iv'e seen the reason why we mostly choose foreign than our local, cause foreign are more serious about the meaning of the song,relativity the , genuinely, even if its screaming but! its meaningful...while some of our local band songs are passive...i love our local band,even the ehead songs that are decades old...i still got it on my pad...its because songs from before are more meaningful than songs of the bands emerging today on the scene...i will try my best to get in touch with music again...i miss it a lot...
looking back to time...

what traits i should amend and deal with upon welcoming the water dragon year?...hmmm i was left hanging on this one till...i know...maybe i need to soften a little more a sweet but im also tough...i am soft and feel for others but dont trust good but im bad sometimes...its human nature...i hate noisy people such as naggers...i love music but i hate noise...i am friendly and cuddly but im sensitive...and more weird stuffs about a woman but strong and tough like a man...haha (or hindi lang sila pumapatol sa mga girls like me...)...i will abandon all the past and painful one on welcoming new year...start a new...and to do more than what ive given this year...stay grounded and abandon my rough side...cause sometimes i tend to be as hard as rock,if i decide its inflexible...well, my principle in life might be to monstrous for others...but it helps me to be the person who am i today, i never thought i was a good child until i reach who am i today, i dont brad that im a good daughter until my parents praise and so proud of me...and i didnt realize i have a good heart until people help me realize who really am i inside and out...i hope as time gets me older and passes me by, i will still choose to be a good person...and one day could help more people...i wanna left all the negative energy in myself as i welcome new year...i really hope i wont fail on this one...because before i really think im a bad girl...because i have this weird attitude...temper as hot as volcano ready to erupt on a single blow...this proves time and era change continuously and everybody grows...i'll spend more time talking to my family,because im not really used on talking...haha im so lame on everything...most specially i wanna learn how to, hey your 21!for good god sake! you still dont know how to cook...except noodles and canned goods i know it!haha im really afraid taking in charge on the not a lazy one,just let me handle the house and everything but you cant count on me doing the a failure...but my brother is super good on this field...i envy on how he cook good foodie...and maybe theres more to improve on myself...theres always room for improvement and im super excited on those stuffs...theres no stuff such planning everything because we dont know whats ahead to us lets take it slow and enjoy the ride of life always and spread the love...☻ 


  1. Your not alone, there are also a lot of things that I am do not know.

    But new year is about regeneration. Another chance to live the life that we always wanted.

    Have a fruitful new year, my blogger friend. Enjoy and have fun!

  2. yeah...thank you for the words...
    you're one of the reasons im writing again...aside from teacher mots...
    i hope you enjoy your's ^^


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