Sunday, December 25, 2011


MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone...i hope you had a wonderful and meaningful celebration with your family...well, i was hiatus for a couple of days to give way on preparing some stuffs for the holiday...since saturday i havent slept well,i jst have a couple of hours to spare...i was busy with the family and classmates at the same time...there are parties to attend to...but i choose to spend my christmas with the family and the party with the classmates was after im done here on our family gatherings...its one of my Lolo's birthday also...yeah his a christmas celebrity...each year he really had a party at 25 so were used to be at the house the whole day the whole night of 24...the said party was for the senior citizens...
the celebrant..angry birds theme party for the SC!oh man!

sometimes its best to let go with the flow...i really tried my best to gather all the stamina left with me yesterday since i dont have enough sleep but still it was awesome i still have some left with me and manage to attend the party we held for the classmates and thank goodness i managed to stay up till 10:32 pm...but then i got really tired already and so i go home first and leave some of them parting the whole night maybe ^^
when i got home...i flop my body on the bed,and send some thank you to the people who attend then i didnt know i was totally sleepy and i havent finish sending it cause i already got sleepy! FINALLY! 

oh goodness the whole day i was really telling myself to go to sleep but i just cant...the music and the cheer of people outside makes me insomniac for 2 days...and the result is this black eyebags...and ive drag myself to take a deep breath and go to work right now...but hey i really feel im a walking zombie...haha ^^

now im excited about the new year...this chirstmas is one of the best my family had...specially me...attending mass even if im sooooooo much like a zombie...ive had a second thought that i cant really pull off my self and go to church bu then ive found myself walking my way to the church...oh yeah! the power of Jesus is so great!after the mass, i feel relax and feels a certain happiness inside me...even right now i can still feel just very overwhelmed for what had so tired, i will talk about my happenings a post after this one...i will just take some fast as i could after i finish my report that i am doing right now...hahahha

im multi tasking eh...? ^^

oh momma! hahhaha 

ciao guys! need to work..


  1. waa... I want one of those angry birds shirts, :)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. haha yeah,the theme for the party is angry birds...take note...the party is for the SC! hehe

    thank you orange wit...^^


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