Wednesday, December 21, 2011


the 6th and the 7th morning mass...2 more to go! wow i am proud as my mother to myself right now, cause iv'e fulfilled my promises and list to end the year smoothly and Godly...and finish and complete the 9 morning mass for was something very important to me...not because of the wish they said cause i dont believe on that ^^ it means to me a lot , as a Christian we are oblige to do the mass...whole heartedly haha im not a very good follower of God but im not bad also...i hope, people with too much for this season will  enjoy Christmas but remember also the people who just lost their love one's because of the ts sendong...we donated yesterday some goods, and the clothes are set to be donated also...i wanna encourage some bloggers to please donate stuffs, your LITTLE something is a BIG THING for those people...actually, i dont wanna talk about it here because i dont know if someone reads my blog, but this past few days i have some friends already that are more influential on blogging, maybe they drop some glimpse on my blog and hopefully they read this also, specially ORANGE WIT...Teacher Mots...i hope they will spread the news to be open and more helpful to fellow countrymen..from this...i remember why i started blogging again...well, wala na ako masabi...end of the story cause i dont wanna dig in more, we all know already what to do...
i hope these lyrics will mean something to every Filipino nowadays...:
When Santa's flyin' in his magic sleigh 
Goes all around the world in just a day
from the north pole to the southern tip
he makes his trip with LOVE to give away...hear him say:

on the lighter side...its my Anniversary! yepey! i am so very much happy haha with 5 followers! its many eh?...indeed! it doesn't matter they were one of the best anyways...and people like them inspires me more...
i hope i dont spoil my self today its not a big day for anybody but for myself it is...i gain friends, i learn from them, iv'e learn something you wouldn't learn from school, work or at will cost a lot to give up on blogging, i maybe not commenting on post where i follow, but that doesn't mean i dont read them, it is just sometimes im stunned by what i have read...haha like,where on hell these people came from? and thank goodness until now from then, i still enjoy the magic of blogging and reading blogs and understanding more people, and learning more the real faces of the phase of the world...thank God iv'e never quit blogging...or else iv'e lose a part so important right least haha i have 5 followers...well i can give a damn to these people their awesome! so please celebrate with me today! lets eat some cakes...O_o yum yum yummmmmmmy!
ang sarap!meron then itong other version the mallow is inside and it will melt and pp out outside oh my!

piece of CAKE! is a piece from HEAVEN oh momma! hahahha

lesson of the day: the priest said!


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