Monday, December 5, 2011


... i never really saw it coming....never even in my presumption...never foresee that one of those days i'd broke down like down in the dumps... but  thanks God im a far cry about it bilis ^^
im who? not who...but why...yeah...the reason im inspired is that someone made me realize something so important in my life and i left it behind...put it in a closet and bury it there for such a long time...what was it? talking about my unfinished one knows i love writing songs,poems,stories that was before when i was not that busy,still a dorky student back in college and my best friends would hangout in the cafeteria then make some melody for my songs...that was all fun...i love reading...i never saw this before that one day i will forgot about my abilities...
then my favorite blogger / writer / artist...lets name him...he is Teacher Mots...weird name yeah...but thats how artist tag themselves... he inspires me a lot, not the typical inspiration that emerged right away...i know im so hard to please but this man is such gifted that i dont know how to elaborate him more further...maybe his far different from my idol in painting Mr. Aris...and my uncle whom an artist also they both well known on their field right now...Mr.Aris inspired me to write more songs, while my uncle is my idol when it comes to discipline, dedication, work oriented and more blah blah blah...^^ but Mr. Mots specialize on something...his cathcy...his on a comical basis...and he approach children...his a teacher anyways ^^ haha  and i like how he express his love for his mother Mrs.Mudrax...super COOL!

i forgot also the purpose somehow this past few days the intention and purpose of my blog...maybe because i was too carried awat with my damn emotions...haha darn i forgot my tag line
Howdy of im super back on track not just the word okay but far far far from that day full of stupidity ^^ my respects for teachers intensifies more and more each time i read his blog post..well if he post something very rated PG haha its his choice its his blog kinda learn from yeah, im not used reading or hearing those words from my environment but i can hear it somewhere else, even in a bunch of friends, and my usual response is to be just quite and smile...what more can i say? im just telling you my friends that im okay more l.o.v.e emote...that is so not cool...and very not me...
a home made bread...

im thinking now when to start buying gifts, im busy this weekend...need to prepare stuffs for the just excited to one thing... reunion of my mothers family...what i love reunions is that we got to see and spend time with the raised in a super family oriented people...and this was a pressure way back before when i was going trough the stage of adulthood...thank goodness im such a good child, and thanks to my poppa...his strict but that doesn't matter now, if he didn't care at all and didn't like be a monster so were scared and have high respects to him we wont be like the person we were today...well, the person whom you gonna be depends on the person really, i agree but parents also molds the person you wanna be...they were a big help also, its on us on how we deal it...we had the choice to go that way or to go this way...right fella?...hahah 
well...i hope you guys also enjoy the weekdays, we workers still have 3 more days to deal work work...^^ excited for the weekend...sleep sleep movie movie...^^
i can smell Christmas is just in the corner ready to blast! and my favorite part! Morning mass! it make me feel so relieve and it made me realize how lucky am i to have this life and still walk on till next time...ciao!


  1. uy!!!! salamat :) nkakatuwa naman :) godbless cherianne

  2. ...thank you teacher Mots...your welcome and thank you again for the drop by here in my boring blog...^^ Godbless also!


Thank you for the drop by...ciao fella ^^