Sunday, December 25, 2011


since 2011 comes to its end soon...i am having a review on my self and  rating myself just like what iv'e read from a fav. blog of mine...he rate his blog and self...i will try to have a unique way of rating my sweetie also...well, to those who dont know whos sweetie is, sweetie is the name of my blog...haha weird eh?...

Whats the achievement ive come across to?
iv'e got my job! yaiks! oh goodness...very tiring one!super head breaker...i wanna say...i am earning my own money now... i can go out now alone...^^ wow after years of containing myself to the four corners of my room the daily boring routine of a home school home...well i survive all of a working woman right now...iv'e man up a lil' serious before, but i can say iv'e notch a rank this more focused on my goals,well,im a goalie ever since but iv'e strengthen my will more.and im step by step taking the path iv'e foresee for myself before...ive had a happy life with my simple family also...that matters most to me,a happy and a smooth sailing everyday of our lives,id make sure that i spent time with them than before...and iv'e over come the shadow of my shyness...ive gain my confidence on dealing people...ive control my bad temper already...and im more grateful i still have my friends with me...ive manage to have my self grounded and stay away from bad vives...^^

the maki the maki the makI!!!!!!!

Do i have a love life at last?
oh goodness...i dont still have one...haha still zero on this...
they say...NO!i dont believe you!its impossible you dont have a boyfriend...but enough of boys need to be the measure and reason of a lady's life? about the work, self pampering, achievements, cycles? why not that first before asking love life?...sometimes i cant help but pissed off when ask about this thing...hahaha until ! last month...remember iv'e said finally im in love...but i dont have a beau still...
i love the person whom i know would never feel the same way, friends and cousins said, im such a coward to love a person secretly...too much of a creep...maybe they were partly right about that but what do they know? haha i know i know right! im a coward, but i will choose to be a coward than him knowing iv'e had feelings for him, his my friend and i dont wanna change anything about the attention, im afraid ? yes...afraid that if he knew about this shit thingy...he wont be friend me anymore, twas like his my friend for how many years, for me i betray our friendship, and mostly the biggest reason i have is that his an achiever im such a nut compared to no pair for him, its not that im looking down too much to myself but thinking that someday , im entering his cycle i might get overshadowed by all of those fancy people he had...i cant get to his level...iv'e started to  stay away from him,avoid contact to his skin haha yeah thats how i badly want to control my feelings...because as long as im letting myself get drown on him the more i know i will get hurt soon...and i im such a looser coward...^^ i am left with the question "why cant i have someone to love me?...hahaha how emo...will thats how it ends so maybe next year i can have a beau haha but maybe still such a monster ya know...

above all...i am very thankful to all the people who loves me unconditionally, to my ever supportive momma and to my moody papa...and an over protective brother...they all inspire me to toughen myself and strive hard... since im alone myself i always gave myself the foodies i know i can wolfed down alone hahahah chyeah! dont drool! ^^ love my family
side note: this post is pause for a day,this should be posted yesterday hahah but i just finish this one this morning post to be posted later...this is another one of the nonsense post iv'e ever done hahhahaha forgiven eh?...^^

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